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Great Britain. Due to the lack of butchers, thousands of pigs were killed and thrown away

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The UK is facing a labor shortage contributed to by the pandemic and Brexit. Due to an insufficient number of butchers, already 6,000 healthy slaughtered pigs have been killed and dumped on farms in England, the NPA said.

Lizzie Wilson of the organization’s leadership, which represents the majority of UK pig farmers, told Sky News that farmers are “devastated” and a “worst-case scenario” is coming true. Earlier last week, the NPA reported that knows about 600 cases of healthy animals being killed and thrown away.

Great Britain. Brexit and the pandemic contributed to the departure of workers

Wilson said the pigs were “shot and taken for disposal, the carcasses will be burned and unfortunately not going to be used for human consumption, they are literally wasted.”

The NPA indicates that the combination of the coronavirus and Brexit pandemics contributed to the departure of many Central and Eastern European slaughterhouse and meat processing workers, who made up a significant proportion of the workforce in this sector.

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– Slaughterhouses are not able to slaughter as many pigs as usual, so they had to reduce their throughput by about 25%. during the last 11 weeks, which means that farmers cannot send these pigs to a slaughterhouse and have to house them on the farm. Pig farming is an ongoing business that cannot just be turned off. The farmers have implemented all the contingency plans, they found temporary hog housing, they are tight, they’ve done everything possible, but now there are fewer and fewer options, Wilson said.

Appeal for the introduction of visas

She pointed out that the longer the crisis lasts, the more likely it is that there will be reports of more killing and dumping of healthy animals.

A dozen or so days ago, the NPA warned that in the worst case, up to 150,000 people could be killed. pigs. The organization is calling on the British government to introduce temporary 12-month visas for foreign employees of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.

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