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Great Britain. England. A ball of light streaked across the sky over Devon

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A meteor lit up the sky over Britain. A ball of light passed over Devon, England. According to experts, the rock fragment that caused the spectacular flare fell into the sea.

On Wednesday, January 17, a meteor flashed over the English county of Devon. The moment a bright object crosses the sky was captured on video.

The UK Fireball Alliance, an organization monitoring objects in the sky, said the flare was spectacular. She also added that the meteoroid fell into the sea off the coast of Cornwall.

– Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain any fragments of this object, because calculations of the fireball’s trajectory show that it appeared and disappeared over water – the organization’s spokesman told the BBC. – Several of our cameras in the area recorded this view – he added.

What is a meteor?

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A meteor is the trail left behind by a meteoroid, i.e. a piece of rock falling into the Earth’s atmosphere. Often, such an object leaves a short-lived trail behind it.

Meteors that fall to Earth are called meteorites. It is estimated that about 270 tons of space materials enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day, but most of them go unnoticed because they are small.

Main photo source: ENEX

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