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Great Britain. Fiona Beal’s trial. She murdered her partner, wrote everything down in her diary

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The trial of a 49-year-old teacher accused of murdering her partner and hiding his body has begun at Northampton Court, British media reported. BBC. Notes found on the woman show that she murdered the man because she suspected him of treason. The accused also wrote in her diary that the murdered man threatened her and treated her in a “cruel, humiliating way”.

On Monday 13 March at Northampton Court in Central England Fiona Beal, 49, is on trial for the murder of her partner, Nicholas Billingham, who is seven years her junior. During Monday’s hearing, the woman pleaded not guilty, according to the local newspaper “Northampton Chronicle & Echo”.

Nicholas BillinghamNorthamptonshire Police

Billingham’s partially mummified body was found at the couple’s home in Northampton last March. As explained by the BBC, the discovery was made four and a half months after the man last appeared at a business meeting. Beal told friends and family that her partner had left for another woman.

Fiona Beal charged with murder

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A few days before the man’s body was found, Beal’s relatives reported her missing. The police established that the 49-year-old, who works as a teacher, informed the school principal that she was ill and took time off. Officers found Beal in a rented cottage in Cumbria. There were superficial wounds on her body, she had a letter that was probably a letter and a diary she kept with her, the station reports.

The content of the notes found with the woman during the trial was quoted by the prosecutor’s office. The notes show that Beal suspected Billingham was cheating on her with other women. The 49-year-old also wrote that her partner, seven years her junior, treated her in a “cruel and degrading way” and threatened her during sex. “I thought about leaving him, but the things he said and did fueled my dark side. I call her Tulip22, she is reckless, fearless, effective and ruthless,” the investigators found in the teacher’s notes.

There was also a description of the murder itself. “I kept the knife in my robe pocket, and when[Billingham-ed.]went to the bathroom, I hid it in the drawer next to the bed. I also brought a chisel, garbage bag, and cables. I made him wear a blindfold. It was harder than I thought. Hiding the body wasn’t easy. Moving it is much harder than it looks on TV,” Beal wrote.

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Northampton. The body of a man in the garden

Following the discovery of these notes, police searched Beal’s home in Northampton. A bloody mattress was found in the basement, and there was blood on the bed frame in the master bedroom, according to the BBC. In the garden, which had been dug up in one place, a “partially wrapped (probably in some type of material – ed.) and partially dressed” body was found. The pathologist confirmed that the body belonged to Billingham. He also determined that the man’s cause of death was a stab wound to the neck.

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Main photo source: Northamptonshire Police

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