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Great Britain. Foreign Secretary David Cameron, duped by Russian fraudsters, spoke about Ukraine and Donald Trump

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Russian pranksters, who usually target people with an interest in Russia, published a video call with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Wednesday. They made him believe that he was talking to the former president of Ukraine. During a conversation with a person claiming to be Petro Poroshenko, Cameron said, among other things: about the British opposition Labor Party, former US President Donald Trump seeking to return to the White House, and the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Two well-known Russian fraudsters, who call politicians around the world impersonating someone else, published on Wednesday a recording of such a conversation with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who was convinced that he was discussing with the former president. Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

At the beginning of June, the British Foreign Office admitted that Cameron had fallen victim to such a fraud and it was decided to make this fact public in order to make possible manipulations more difficult and to sensitize public opinion to Russian disinformation.

During an almost 15-minute conversation with a person claiming to be Poroshenko, president of Ukraine in 2014-2019, Cameron says, among other things: about the British opposition Labor Party and the former president seeking to return to the White House USA Donald Trump and the Russian attack on Ukraine.

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Asked whether he thought the British approach to Ukraine would change after July elections to the House of Commons, Cameron replied that Labor was “just as enthusiastic” in its support for Ukraine as the Conservatives.

“I don't think you'll see any change. Of course, if they win, it will be a new government, but I think they have broadly supported everything we've done. I think Labour, if they win, will continue with that approach,” he said.

Cameron talks about Trump and the war in Ukraine

Referring to Trump, Cameron said he would want to “support the winning side” in Ukraine, but his attitude was “difficult to predict.” – I think ultimately Trump will calculate what is right for him at any given moment. I think the key thing is that if by November we can ensure that Ukraine is on the front line and Putin is on the second line, he will want to support the winning side and that is what we need to ensure. It's hard to predict exactly what his attitude will be, but that's the most important thing, he said.

Elsewhere in the recording, a person impersonating Poroshenko says that failure to send Ukraine an invitation to… FOR THIS is a “bad signal”. In response, Cameron said: “There will be no invitation because America will not support it. So what I told President Zelensky is: let's try to get the best language possible on NATO support for Ukraine. We cannot have a quarrel between NATO and Ukraine before the summit.” .

Cameron also talks about a conversation he had with his Kazakh counterpart Murat Nurtleu earlier this year. – Kazakhstan is convinced that Putin wants a piece of northern Kazakhstan. He said that Ukrainians are dying for Kazakhstan, they are risking their lives to stop Russia, and this is beneficial for us, revealed the head of British diplomacy.

Russian comedians Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, known as Vowan and Lexus, mislead celebrities and politicians by impersonating various famous figures. The victims of their joke included: author of the Harry Potter books JK Rowling, British Prince Harry, Prime Minister of Canada Justin TrudeauPrime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni, then Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkellater vice president of the United States Kamala Harrisas well as the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda.

Main photo source: MALTON DIBRA/PAP/EPA

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