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Great Britain. Fuel shortages and limits at stations on the UK. Media: The government is considering using the military to supply petrol stations

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The British government’s plan to deal with the crisis with gasoline supplies to petrol stations involves the use of the army to transport it, reported The Guardian. The proposal is to be discussed by members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet on Monday.

Over the weekend in front of many gas stations in Great Britain long lines of cars were formed, some drivers waited for hours to refuel their cars. Supply problems are caused by the lack of tanker drivers and the panic of buyers.

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– The country is full of fuel, but it is not in the right places for drivers (…), it is still in terminals and refineries – said Brian Madderson, the leader of the association of independent petrol stations on the BBC radio. He noticed that the lack of fuel at the stations was also the result of panic among customers.

According to him, gasoline ran out of about two-thirds of the 5500 stations affiliated to the association. It will soon be gone for the others. BP, Shell and ExxonMobile had already informed about problems with supplies and the necessity to close some stations.

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One of the gas stations in LondonPAP / EPA / FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

Operation Escalin

The government is considering the implementation of “Operation Escalin”, planned a few years ago in the event of a no-deal Brexit, which involves the use of 80 military tanks for the transport of petrol in the country, reported the journalists of the “Guardian”. They added that it would take up to three weeks for this solution to be fully operational.

Another proposed solution to defuse the crisis is a temporary loosening of the regulations on trade relations between oil companies and retail fuel distributors, the daily describes.

Fuel shortage at gas stations in Great BritainPAP / EPA / FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

There is a shortage of truck drivers in the UK

The shortage of truck drivers in the UK has recently caused serious problems with the supply of gas stations and retail chains.

There was a fight in front of one of the London gas stations on Sunday. The police arrested one man on suspicion of assault, the AP agency reports.

According to representatives of the transport industry, about 100,000 truck drivers are missing in Great Britain. After Brexit About 25,000 drivers left the UK, and the COVID-19 pandemic suspended the process of obtaining qualifications by new employees in the transport industry for almost a year.

On Saturday, the British government announced that it intends to issue five thousand three-month visas for foreign truck drivers in October.


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