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Great Britain. He found a stone in his garden. This is a rock from hundreds of years ago

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– I found a stone while working in the garden during the lockdown in May 2020. It caught my eye when I was clearing an overgrown part of the garden, recalls Graham Senior. The approximately 11 cm long rock has several horizontal cuts along its side. – At the beginning I thought it was some kind of calendar – added the man.

He found an unusual stone in the garden. The rock dates back 1,600 years

Intrigued by the find, he decided to check what he actually got into his hands. He initially contacted the East Staffordshire and North West Midlands Finds Officer by telephone and sent photos of the stone. Teresa Gilmore shared them with Katherine Forsyth of the University of Glasgow, who confirmed that the incisions were the Ogham script known in Britain as my son It comes from the early Irish language over 1,600 years ago.

The Ogham script was used in the early Middle Ages mainly to write the early Irish language. It consists only of parallel lines arranged in groups.

An unusual stone was exhibited in England

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Specialists deciphered the inscription on the stone. It reads: MALDUMCAIL / S / LASS. The first part of the inscription refers to the name and surname of the person: Mael Dumcail. The second part has not yet been deciphered. So far, the find has been investigated, but – after four years – it was presented to a wider audience because went to the exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in England.

“I was delighted when Graham offered to donate his incredible find to the museum, as it is rare for anyone in the area to find something of this significance,” said Ali Wells, curator at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. The stone will be available until April 27, 2025 at an exhibition titled “Collecting Coventry”.

Interestingly, during this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the singer represented Ireland she had symbols from the Ogham script painted on her face. “Eurovision fans! Are you wondering what is written on Bamba Thug's face? His name is Ogham! A unique writing system from Ireland,” we read in a post encouraging people to visit the museum and see the stone.

Source: Yahoo, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

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