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Great Britain. Heathrow Airport has travel limits

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London Heathrow Airport has introduced a daily travel quota for the summer season. From July 12 to September 11, a maximum of one hundred thousand travelers will be able to use the airport. In recent weeks, the aviation industry across Europe has been struggling with serious staffing problems.

During the pandemic, when air traffic decreased significantly due to travel restrictions, employment was also reduced, especially among ground staff, and now that the demand for flying has returned to pre-pandemic levels, it has turned out that airports are lacking in staff for baggage handling, security, security or cleaning, which means that airlines are not able to perform all scheduled flights.

Problems occur at London Heathrow Airport, among others. Already in June, the airport authorities appealed to the airlines to cancel part of the operation. Now one of the largest airports in Europe is introducing passenger limits.

Heathrow introduces travel limits

“We made the difficult decision to introduce a capacity cap from July 12 to September 11. Similar measures have been introduced at other airports both in the UK and around the world,” says John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow Airport CEO, posted on the website. port.

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“According to our calculations, the maximum daily number of departing passengers that the airlines, ground handling services and the airport can jointly handle during the summer period does not exceed one hundred thousand people” – writes the head of the airport.

As Holland-Kaye points out, according to the currently scheduled air operations, the airport would have to handle an average of 104,000 passengers a day. “This results in a daily surplus of four thousand passengers,” he emphasizes.

The airport’s general manager emphasizes that most of these seats on the planes have not been booked at the moment. “We are asking our airline partners to suspend the sale of tickets during the summer period” – he appeals.

Earlier, John Holland-Kaye expressed the opinion that it would take 12-18 months to restore the normal situation of the passenger transport industry, which is facing a staff shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the field of ground handling.

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