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Great Britain. Kaylea Titford’s parents convicted of negligence that contributed to her death

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Kaylea Titford’s parents, who were previously found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in their daughter’s death, have been sentenced to six and seven and a half years in prison, the BBC reports. In October 2020, a disabled teenager from Newtown, Welsh, died of “morbid obesity”.

In early February, the jury unanimously found 45-year-old Alun Titford – the teenager’s father – guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of his daughter. Earlier – in December 2022 – the mother of the deceased, now 40-year-old Sarah Lloyd-Jones, pleaded guilty to the same accusation. As the BBC wrote at the time, both “led (the daughter – ed.) to morbid obesity, not satisfying (in the right way – ed.) her nutritional needs”.

On Wednesday, March 1, during a hearing at a court in Swansea, Wales, the parents of the deceased heard the sentences. Titford was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison, while Lloyd-Jones was sentenced to six years behind bars. Judge Justice Griffiths explained that the convicts “share equally guilty and responsible” for the death of her daughter, but the 40-year-old received a lesser sentence because she pleaded guilty.

In justifying the verdicts, Judge Griffiths noted that the parents had not made any attempt to control Kaylea’s diet. “She could only eat what she was given, which was just fattening takeaways at the end that the rest of the family ate,” he said. “She was dying lying in her own filth, surrounded by the flies that bothered her and the bugs that ate her. Her body was disfigured by sores that left her skin open to the fat and in one place down to the bone. For a girl of her age, with a sense of independence, it was a particularly terrible state, he added.

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Kaylea Titford. The 16-year-old died weighing 146 kg

Kaylea Titford was born with hydrocephalus and spina bifida and used a wheelchair. According to court documents, the content of which was quoted by the Guardian, it appears that the teenager was a student at a secondary school in Newtown, Welsh, until the start of the lockdown in March 2020. Friends from school told the BBC that she was a “lovely young woman” and said that “everything was fine” at her home. They explained that despite her disability, Kaylea enjoyed being physically active. Steve Cox, a coach at the girl’s school, told the station that she had played, among other things. basketball and card games. “She could be in the Paralympics,” Cox said.

Court records cited by the Guardian show that in the seven months after the outbreak of the pandemic, the teenager’s health deteriorated “because she was away from the outside world and never returned to school”. She died in October 2020, shortly after her 16th birthday, weighing 146 kilograms and 145 centimeters tall.

Paramedics who showed up at the Newtown home after Kaylea’s death, quoted by the BBC, told the jury that they felt “sick” when they saw the conditions in which the girl lived. According to them, her clothes and bedding were extremely dirty, and the lift that was supposed to help the teenager get out of bed was covered with cobwebs and fly droppings. According to the findings of the investigation, both Kaylea herself and her older sister regularly asked their parents to clean the room. The Guardian cites one exchange of messages between Kaylea and her mother. When the girl complained about flies flying around her head, Lloyd-Jones allegedly wrote back: “They like you.”

First of its kind in the UK

Titford’s cause of death was ruled to be “inflammation and infection in extensive areas of ulceration resulting from obesity and immobilization of a girl with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.” British media has previously emphasized that this is the first time in the UK that parents have been convicted of contributing to the death of their child by failing to control his weight.

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