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Great Britain. London. 28-year-old Sabina Nessa murdered in a park

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Sabina Nessa, 28, left the house on Saturday evening, September 17. She had an appointment with a friend at a nearby bar in south London. There was only a short section to go through the city park. She never made it to the meeting. Her body was found the next day. This is another woman murdered in the British capital this year. On Sunday, the police arrested a man on suspicion of murdering a 28-year-old girl.

Sabina Nessa was from Sandy, Bedfordshire. She lived in Lewisham, South East London. For about a year she worked as a teacher at Rushey Green Elementary School in Catford.


The woman’s home was only five minutes from the pub where she had made an appointment that Saturday night. Both places were shared by Cator Park, from which the 28-year-old never left. According to investigators, Nessa was murdered around 8:30 PM. – It wasn’t the middle of the night. People were both in and around the park then, said Detective Luke Marks.

The autopsy of the 28-year-old did not provide a complete answer to the question about the cause of death, writes Reuters, citing information from the police.

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Police arrested a 38-year-old man suspected of the murder of Sabina Nessa (photo from surveillance)met.police.uk

Police said on Sunday that a 38-year-old man had been arrested in East Sussex on suspicion of murdering a teacher at around 3 a.m. The police informed about the arrest of the suspect on Thursday. However, she later reported that the man was released from custody, although he was still under investigation. Whether it was the same person has not been disclosed.

Investigators appealed to all potential murder witnesses to contact them, drivers were asked to check the car camera recordings.

“We are stuck in a nightmare”

Vigils have been organized across the UK to commemorate the 28-year-old and highlight the issue of violence against women.

– Our world is in ruins. Words are just missing, said the murdered Jebin’s sister, Yasmin Islam, speaking near the crime scene. – We have the impression that we are stuck in a nightmare and cannot wake up. We lost our sister, my parents lost their daughter, my daughters lost their wonderful, loving and caring aunt – she said through tears. And she added, “No family should go through what we are going through.”

Sabina Nessa was 28 years oldmet.police.uk

Friends described Nessa as “kind, caring and devoted”. She had her whole life ahead of her, her loss is desperately sad – said Lisa Williams, headmistress of the primary school where the murdered woman worked. – At school, we support each other in this extremely difficult time for us and we will provide specialist support to those who need it – she added.

Condolences to Nessa’s family were given by Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself, and Princess Kate confessed that she was “saddened by the loss of another innocent young woman on our streets.”

“The perpetrator of this vile crime must be caught and put on trial,” said London Mayor Sadiq Khan. He appealed to anyone who might have been in the park that night with relevant information to contact the police.

Sabina Nessa’s body was found in Cator Park, LondonReuters

A series of murders in London

Recently, Britain has been shaken by a series of similar murders. In March, also in south London, Sarah Everard was abducted, raped and murdered by a police officer. In July, a British teenager was found guilty of the murder of two sisters in a park in north-west London last year, reminds Reuters.

“Women are expected to change their behavior to reduce the risk of assault by taking responsibility off men’s decisions and actions,” Denise Scott-McDonald, a local councilor, said during the vigil. – Sabina was a teacher, friend, sister. This is the last of a long and painful list of women who have been attacked on our streets, she emphasized.

“Every woman who loses her life is one too many women,” said Minister Rachel Maclean, speaking in the House of Commons. She added that the government is preparing changes to the law, taking action and striving to combat these “terrible crimes”.

Main photo source: met.police.uk

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