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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Great Britain. London anti-vaccine protest. Demonstrators wanted to break into the drug regulator’s headquarters

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The anti-vaccine protest took place on Friday in London. Demonstrators tried to break into the headquarters of the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). There were clashes with the police – reports the Reuters agency.

According to media reports and videos posted by them, a group of no more than several dozen people tried to get to the headquarters of the Agency for Regulating Medicines and Health Products, in a building in Canary Wharf in east London. The videos show a cordon of police preventing access to the door, and fights between anti-vaccine workers and officers. Radio LBC reports that recordings in social media show that several people managed to break into the office building.


The London metropolitan police confirmed that there had been a demonstration outside the office building and that officers had been forced to guard the entrance to the building.

Anti-vaccines tried to break into the headquarters of the British drug regulatorReuters

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The role of the MHRA is to authorize medicines and health care products in the UK, and it is this institution that has decided that four COVID-19 vaccines can be used in this country.

This is the third incident of this type in less than a month. In early August, an anti-vaccine group attempted to break into the former BBC’s public headquarters in West London, and a week and a half ago – into the headquarters of the TV production company ITN, which produces news for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, among others.

Anti-vaccines tried to break into the headquarters of the British drug regulatorReuters

Vaccinations in Great Britain

In the UK, COVID-19 vaccines are given only to adults and, more recently, to adolescents aged 16-17 years, with only one dose for them so far. Children 12-15 years of age are only vaccinated if they either have or live with a medical condition that increases their risk of developing a severe course of Covid-19.

However, the British Joint Immunization and Immunization Commission (JCVI) has significantly expanded the list of conditions for which it is recommended to give vaccines to children aged 12-15 years. Until now, around 150,000 were entitled to vaccinations. children who have severe neurological dysfunction, Down syndrome, severely weakened immune systems, cancer, and profound and multiple learning disabilities. Now children with chronic heart, lung and liver diseases have been added to this list. In this way, the total number of people covered by vaccinations will be approx. 350 thousand. children out of approximately 3 million in this age group.

Main photo source: Reuters

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