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Great Britain. Lucy Letby, a nurse accused of murdering seven newborn babies, has given evidence

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Lucy Letby, a 33-year-old nurse charged with the murder of seven newborn babies and the attempted murder of 10 more, gave further evidence at Manchester Crown Court on Monday. The woman pleaded not guilty. The alleged crimes occurred between March 2015 and July 2016. The trial in the case began on October 10 last year.

On May 15, Letby testified for the third time at a Manchester court, where the child murders allegedly committed more than seven years ago are pending. When asked how she felt after the death of the newborn, believed to be her first alleged victim, the 33-year-old nurse said she was “stunned”. “It was a complete shock to all of us,” she added.

Less than two weeks earlier, she noted that during her time working in the neonatal ward of Chester Hospital, she had passed through her hands hundreds of babies. She says she never even thought of hurting any of them because it “would be against what it is to be a nurse.” On May 2, she also answered questions related to information recorded on post-it notes that had been found during an earlier search of her home. “I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough to care for them,” was written on one.

Lucy Letby gave evidence

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The rest of the pages bore words such as “I’m a terrible, evil person” and “I’m evil, I did it.” During her testimony, Letby explained that she wrote the above sentences because “everything fell on her”. She was supposed to feel that due to having lower competences than she believed, she unknowingly contributes to the deaths of children. “I felt people were blaming my competence,” she said. However, when asked if she had ever made a mistake in practice, she replied that she had not.

Lucy Letby at Manchester Crown Court Elizabeth Cook / PA Images / Forum

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During the trial, it was established that Letby also sent a condolence card to the parents of one of the girls she is accused of killing. “There are no words to make this time easier. Being able to care for your baby and get to know you as a family – a family that has always put their daughter first and did everything possible for her – was a real privilege,” the nurse wrote. “I’m thinking of you now and always will be. I’m sorry I couldn’t come to say goodbye today,” she added, ending the message sent on the day of the child’s funeral.

Someone poisoned two children with insulin

Lucy Letby was charged with the murder of seven newborns: five boys and two girls, and the attempted murder of ten more. Her accuser, Nick Johnson, said there was an increase in deaths while the 33-year-old was employed at Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit. Medics noted that some children collapsed and “did not respond to standard and timely resuscitation” and others “suddenly collapsed and recovered just as suddenly.” – Consultants, looking for the cause, noticed that inexplicable collapses and deaths have one common denominator. One of the neonatal nurses, Lucy Letby, was present with all of them, the man said on the first day of the trial.

As the doctors could not explain the deaths, the police were called and an investigation was conducted. “The result was the discovery that between mid-2015 and mid-2016, someone in the neonatal ward poisoned two babies with insulin,” Johnson said. “There is a very limited number of people who could have been poisoned because access to the neonatal ward is strictly limited,” the prosecutor said. It was established that some of the children also died as a result of the injection of air into their bloodstream.

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Initially, the deaths were said to have occurred mainly on night shifts where Letby was present. “When Lucy Letby was moved to day shifts, collapses and deaths began to recur during the day,” the prosecutor pointed out. He added that in some cases, the woman failed to kill the child on the first attempt and then had to try again. In the case of one of the children, three attempted murders were allegedly unsuccessful.

The trial of Lucy Letby began on October 10, 2022. Together A British nurse was charged with 22 allegations. He doesn’t admit to any of them.

Main photo source: Elizabeth Cook / PA Images / Forum

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