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Great Britain. Machetes and “zombie knives” are to be banned. The Home Office has launched a public consultation

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On April 18, the British Home Office, an office equivalent to the Home Office, launched a public consultation on regulating the legal status of machetes and the so-called. zombie knives. The plans assume the implementation of a ban on their sale, possession, import and supply. Today, almost 40 per cent of all homicides in England and Wales are committed with knives or bladed weapons.

– Bandits wielding these deadly knives aim to terrorize their victims and society. Too often, they commit horrific or deadly attacks . . . This cannot be the case, says Interior Minister Suella Braverman, quoted by the Independent. “The planned changes are intended to give police more powers to confiscate and destroy such weapons, as well as to impose tougher penalties on criminals selling them,” she said.

The plans of the Home Office mentioned by Braverman assume the introduction of a ban on the possession and sale of machetes and “zombie knives” (decorative knives, stylized as weapons depicted in movies about the zombie apocalypse – ed.) England and Wales. Trafficking in such weapons would be punishable by up to two years in prison.

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Machetes and “zombie knives” under the microscope of the British government

Under UK law since 2016, machetes and knives of various shapes – with special, often serrated blades – called “zombie knives” cannot be carried in public spaces. However, the law does not prohibit having them at home.

Machetes and “zombie knives” under the microscope of the British governmentJoe Giddens/PA Images/Forum

As the portal notes, weapons such as machetes and “zombie knives” can be easily purchased online. Prices for these products start from £25 (equivalent to around PLN 130). They are often sold in a package with belt loops and sharpeners to keep the “blades razor sharp”. Although, as The Guardian states, sometimes these weapons are purchased solely for collecting purposes, the scale of their criminal use is increasing.

Examples of the powerlessness of the British police against the potential criminal use of machetes and “zombie knives” were described in consultation documents quoted by the Independent. Among them was a situation where officers could not confiscate a 44-cm machete belonging to a drug dealer who had a previous conviction for grievous bodily harm to another person. Another story concerned an intervention during which the police had to leave two machetes found in the house of a person suspected of murder and “with numerous gang ties”. As the portal notes, now almost 40 percent of all murders in England and Wales are committed with knives or other bladed weapons.

“These weapons have no legitimate purpose, they only glorify violence and intimidate others. It is often used by gangs and criminals to inflict harm and fear in the streets, said Patrick Green, chief executive of the Ben Kinsella Trust, which fights knife crime, as quoted by the Independent.

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Main photo source: Joe Giddens/PA Images/Forum

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