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Great Britain. Meat industry – lack of employees. The gap is to be patched up by prisoners

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Slaughterhouses, butchers and meat processors are to recruit prisoners and ex-prisoners to help fill labor shortages. Meat industry leaders held talks with the government on Monday to discuss options for working with prisons to fill the vacancies.

The Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) has informed the BBC that the industry is currently short of approximately 14,000 employees. According to AIMS COVID-19, Brexit and the negative image of the meat-processing profession have brought the industry into a “recruitment crisis”.


Staff shortages in the meat industry in Great Britain

The organization believes companies will try to connect with prisons that run the Release On Temporary License (ROTL) program, the BBC said.

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It also explained that the ROTL is based on a risk assessment that prisoners in open prisons use to gain work experience to help them in their careers after final release.

AIMS’s Tony Goodger told the BBC that the organization will contact members who will need staff. It is also to work with the Ministry of Justice and prison services to help recruit people.

Goodger added that some members have already hired prisoners from the ROTL program and said they were “well-mannered, hardworking and eager to learn.” – It depends on the members who hire the prisoners. It seems to be a reasonable solution for both parties, he said.

The food processing industry also tried to recruit former military personnel, but the number of people who took up jobs was small. The COVID pandemic and Brexit have contributed to the current labor shortages, we learn from the BBC.

The British Meat Processors Association said the current level of vacancies in the industry is around 15%. the entire workforce.

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