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Great Britain. Media: A nurse from Wrexham had an affair with a patient and did not call for help when he was dying

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A nurse has been fired from her job at Wrexham Hospital after a patient she allegedly had an affair with died. The man was supposed to stay with her in the car in the facility’s parking lot, and the woman did not call for help, the media reported. They also convey the opinion of the British regulator, according to which her actions “threatened the reputation of the profession”.

The event took place in 2022, but only now the case has come to light described by the British media. According to The Guardian, she is employed at the Spire Hospital in Wrexham in the north Wales the woman had an affair with a patient and during one of their meetings the man died. According to this account, she was not to call for help, so the British Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) decided to dismiss her from her job.

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The nurse allegedly had an affair with a patient

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The deceased man is called by the investigators Patient A. He was treated for kidney disease in the ward of the hospital where the woman worked from October 2019. Their romance was supposed to last for a year, from January 2021. According to the “Guardian”, in early January 2022, the couple was supposed to meet in the patient’s car in the parking lot in front of the hospital building. Earlier that evening, the woman was staying at the home of her work colleague. Shortly before midnight, he allegedly received a call from her and during the call the nurse was “crying, distraught and asking for help, trying to communicate that someone had died”. So the man advised her to call an ambulance.

According to the portal’s report, he then appeared in the hospital parking lot, where he met a nurse and found Patient A partially undressed and unconscious in the car, and then called the police and an ambulance because they had not done it before. Paramedics confirmed Patient A’s death shortly thereafter. The cause of his death was listed as “heart failure and chronic kidney disease”.

The nurse initially allegedly told the police and paramedics present at the scene that she had gone to the parking lot because Patient A had sent her a Facebook message saying he was not feeling well. A day later, however, she told officers that they had had an affair and had arranged to meet earlier. A month later, however, she denied this during a disciplinary hearing, saying that for about 30-45 minutes they were “just talking” in the vehicle and the patient “started making noises and suddenly died.”

In May 2022, during a disciplinary hearing, she admitted again to having an affair and not calling an ambulance. According to the Guardian, the woman was fired “with immediate effect” for actions leading to “the loss of the profession’s reputation”. The NMC found that her conduct “was significantly below the standards expected of a nurse” and “allowing her to continue to practice would undermine public confidence in the profession and the NMC as a regulator.”

The British media do not provide information on the possible criminal liability of the woman.

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