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Great Britain. Nigel Farage on the war in Ukraine. “We provoked”

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Farage was asked by the station BBC about a number of his controversial statements from the past, including: that in 2014 he mentioned the Russian president as a politician, whom he admires the most.

– I said I didn't like him as a person, but I admired him as a political operatorbecause he managed to master driving Russia – he explained.

He was then asked about a social media post from February 2022 in which he assessed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was “a consequence of EU expansion and NATO“.

Referring to this, Farage said he had argued since the 1990s that the “continuous eastward expansion” of NATO and the E.U. gives Putin “a reason“to tell the Russians that (they) will come for us again and start a war.”

Nigel Farage on the war in Ukraine. “We provoked”

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We provoked this war. Of course, it is his (Putin's) fault, he added.

In the interview, Farage, a key figure in the campaign to leave the EU, he accused the government Conservative Party that it did not fulfill its promises related to brexitem.

Asked if he stood by his earlier claim that Brexit had failed, he replied: “No, it's not a failure, but we failed to get it done. This can't be a failure. We left European Union. We are self-governing now.”

However, he added: “Brexit has failed those who voted for itbelieving that the number of immigrants will be reduced.

Reform UK calls for a freeze on non-essential immigration to reduce pressure on housing and public services, increase wages andprotect our cultural identity and values“.

Open criticism of the leader towards the Conservative Party

Farage also criticized the Conservatives for “abandoning” their promise to scrap 4,000 EU regulations. – If you put me in charge it would be very, very different. Of course they didn't. The Conservative Party never believed in Brexit… They used it as a political opportunity and failed to implement it, he said.

Reform UK has the government's support in recent polls 15-20 percent, thanks to which it is approaching and sometimes even overtaking the Conservative Party, which is usually in second place.

However, with the current majority electoral system in the designated areas July 4 elections to the House of Commons this party can count on at most a few seats.

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