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Great Britain. Pedro Pascal could not see the exhibition about himself. She was closed

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Pedro Pascal came to an art gallery to see an exhibition dedicated to himself. However, it turned out that the place was closed. The actor only had to take a selfie before entering.

Last Sunday, Pedro Pascal, an actor known from the series “The Last of Us”, decided to go to an exhibition dedicated to himself at The Rhodes Gallery in Margate, UK. However, he did not manage to get inside because it turned out that the gallery was closed that day.

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Exhibition dedicated to Pedro Pascal

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Although Pascal did not manage to see the exhibition, he decided to take a picture of himself in front of the entrance and post it on social media. He posed there with the hosts of the “Talk Art” podcast Russell Tovey and Robert Diament, who is also the director of the gallery. It appeared on the official profile of Diamond and Tovey on Instagram.

The exhibition at The Rhodes Gallery features 14 works dedicated to Pascal by the artist Heidi Gentle Burrell. “It’s a pity he showed up on a Sunday when the gallery is closed,” she told the British Independent. “I can imagine he was a bit perplexed because the whole exhibition is about him,” she said.

Gallery co-owner Jessica Rhodes Robb told CNN that the exhibition was “absolutely phenomenal”. She added that as an apology for the actor not being able to see it, the gallery would send him a gift related to it.

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