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Great Britain. Plymouth shootout. Six people, including a child, were killed

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There was a shootout in Plymouth, South West England, killing six people, including the perpetrator. District MP Luke Pollard said that one of the victims is under 10 years old.

As specified, the fatalities were three women and three men, all of them dead from gunshot wounds, with five on the spot and one woman after being hospitalized.

The police emphasized that the incident was not a terrorist event and that they are not looking for anyone in connection with it.


It has not been clarified whether the perpetrator committed suicide or was shot by the police, nor was the age of those killed. However, Luke Pollard, MP for the constituency, said that one of the victims is under 10 years old. Earlier, the media reported that an infant and a few-year-old girl were to be among the fatalities.

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British Police Intervention. Illustrative photoReuters Archive

A shootout in the outskirts of Plymouth

The incident took place shortly after 18 in the Plymouth suburb of Keyham. According to the accounts of witnesses, screams were heard in one of the buildings, then several single shots, and then the perpetrator kicked the door of the building and shot outside at random people. He was to use a semi-automatic weapon for this. A large number of police cars with armed officers arrived at the scene, and four rescue helicopters were also sent there.

This is the UK’s first shooting with multiple deaths in 11 years. The last such incident was in Cumbria on June 2, 2010, when taxi driver Derrick Bird went berserk killing 12 people in and around Whitehaven and injuring 11. Since then, mass killings in Britain have been committed using explosives or knives and other sharp blades. tools.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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