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Great Britain. Princess Diana’s private letters auctioned off. She wrote about the problems with Prince Charles

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More than 30 of Princess Diana’s personal letters have been sold at an auction in Cornwall for over £145,000. Their addressees were the closest friends of the duchess. The correspondence concerns, among other things, problems in Diana’s relationship with the then Prince Charles, now the king. “I am going through a very difficult time, the pressure is enormous and flows from all sides,” the Duchess wrote in one of the letters. “Sometimes it’s too hard to keep your head up and today I’m on my knees and just wishing this divorce was over.”

The correspondence, which covers a 20-month period from the last days of summer 1995 to spring 1997, was put up for sale by the British auction house Lay’s Auctioneers.

32 postcards and letters were sold on Thursday for a total of £145,500 (equivalent to around PLN 780,000), more than £50,000 more than expected.

Princess Diana’s Private Letters Up for Auction

A spokesman for the auction house said it was unusual for such personal letters to go up for auction. “She was very open and treated her friends very tenderly, which is evident in the letters,” he said.

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Lay’s Auctioneers posted photos of the correspondence on social media Princess Diana put up for sale.

“I’m going through a very difficult time”

Diana wrote letters in the last two years of her life to two close friends, Susie and Tarek Kassem. In May 1996, she recalled the hardships of her divorce from Prince Charles, now King Charles IIIand wrote: “If I had known a year ago what awaited me in this divorce, I would never have agreed to it – it is disgusting and depressing.”

Princess DianaJohn Shelley Collection/PHOTOSHOT/PAP

In a letter dated April 23, 1996, Diana apologized for canceling a night at the opera with friends. This letter was sold for £12,500 (equivalent to over PLN 65,000). “I’m going through a very difficult time, the pressure is enormous and coming from all sides,” she wrote. “Sometimes it’s too hard to keep your head up, and today I kneel and just wish this divorce would be over. (…) Kisses, Diana,” the letter reads.

Around Christmas 1996, she wrote of her suffering: “I hope 1997 will be easier for all of us.” A few months later, in the summer of 1997, she died in a car accident in Paris. The latter letter was auctioned for the highest sum, around EUR 29,000 (equivalent to almost PLN 140,000), more than four times more than expected.

Proceeds will go to charities that Princess Diana supported.

Main photo source: John Shelley Collection/PHOTOSHOT/PAP

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