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Great Britain. Prosecution: Actor Kevin Spacey is a sexual harasser

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Prosecutors have filed charges against Kevin Spacey before a London court. The well-known actor, who has been charged with 12 sexual offences, denies all allegations.

Spacey, 63, is charged with 12 sexual offenses against four men in Britain between 2001 and 2013. The actor denies all allegations.

– He is an extremely famous actor who has won many awards. He is also, according to the prosecution, a man who sexually assaults other men. A man who has no respect for personal boundaries or space, a man who seems to take pleasure in making others feel powerless and uncomfortable, a sexual tormentor,” prosecutor Christie Agnew said.

She told jurors to concentrate on the evidence and not to feel “fascinated” or “overwhelmed” by the actor’s fame, before detailing what the plaintiffs claim happened when they met Spacey.

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Spacey accused of sexual misconduct

She reported that the first applicant said that the actor had been “open about his sexuality” from the time they met, which made him uncomfortable, and over time Spacey began touching him inappropriately and the contact became “more intense.” and escalated to situations where he “grabbed and groped him in an aggressive manner”. Agnew said Spacey felt “the sexual thrill of this kind of sexual aggression.”

The second plaintiff claimed that Spacey “just laughed” when he pushed the actor away after he was caught “with so much force it was painful” at a 2005 work event.

Kevin Spacey has been charged with 12 sexual offencesANDY RAIN/PAP/EPA

Prosecutors said the third plaintiff, who was the first of the group to report Spacey to police, met the actor at London’s Old Vic theater – where the actor was an artistic director – in 2008 and went to him in search of a mentor. The two had a drink together in a pub and returned to Spacey’s flat. When the plaintiff woke up, he noticed that the actor was committing a sexual act on him – said the prosecutor.

The fourth applicant, on the other hand, allegedly met Spacey in 2013 in a bar where he worked and then saw him later in the evening at another pub, which he told the actor that he would go there.

He claims Spacey repeatedly touched his leg and later told him to “relax” when the actor tried to kiss his neck. While the two were alone in the room, Spacey allegedly grabbed the man by the crotch.

Spacey’s lawyer: Allegations ‘made up or twisted’

The actor’s lawyer in the trial, Patrick Gibbs, gave a brief opening speech on Friday, telling the court that his client “will tell in due course what actually happened.” He said the events took place a long time ago and suggested that some elements were “reimagined”, “made up or twisted” and “deliberately exaggerated”.

The four men who made the allegations are legally entitled to remain anonymous.

Spacey is a two-time winner Oscar for her roles in “The Usual Suspects” and “American Beauty.” He also appeared in such films as “Seven”, “Los Angeles Confidential”, “Glengarry Glen Ross”, “Baby Driver” and in the Netflix series “House of Cards”. In 2016, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire. From 2004 to 2015, Spacey was Artistic Director of The Old Vic Theater in London.

Main photo source: ANDY RAIN/PAP/EPA

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