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Great Britain. Queen wife Kamila will change the “embarrassing” title after the coronation – the media

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After the coronation of King Charles III scheduled for May, the “troublesome” title of his wife Kamila is to be replaced by its “simpler” version, British media report, citing sources associated with Buckingham Palace. According to them, Kamila is to stop being called “Queen Spouse” and start being simply “Queen”.

Information to come from people around you British royal family, was the first to report the tabloid “Daily Mail”, followed by many other English-language media. According to sources after Coronation ceremonies of King Charles III, scheduled for May 6, his wife Kamila is to start being titled queen, not queen consort, as she is currently titled. As the local media emphasize, this change would symbolically reflect the change that has occurred over the years in the perception of the “former lover” Charles III.

– There is a perception at the Palace that the title of Queen Consort is embarrassing, and for Kamila it would be simpler to be known simply as Queen when the time is right – said an unnamed interlocutor quoted by the Daily Mail.

However, the change of title, according to the quoted sources, would remain informal: although Kamila would be titled queen, her title of queen consort would be formally retained. – Prince Philip officially he was the prince consort, but he was not known as the prince consort, one of the interlocutors explains. – The Queen, of course, would still (formally – ed.) be the Queen Consort, so the Palace, of course, will not stop anyone from calling Her Majesty in this way, if someone so chooses – he adds.

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Queen consort Camila

As observers in the UK note, the first sign of the expected titular change may be the renaming of the charity run by Kamila. In mid-February, its name was changed from The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room to The Queen’s Reading Room.

Initially, when Kamila married the then Prince Charles in 2005, Buckingham Palace emphasized that “Ms. Parker Bowles is intended to use the title HRH The Princess Consort (Her Royal Highness Princess Consort) when the Prince Wales will ascend the throne”. As the British media recall, due to the atmosphere of scandal surrounding the spouses, initially nothing indicated any changes in this regard.

However, the evolving attitude of the British towards the Duchess over the years resulted in speculations about her future title. They ended only in 2022, when during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II announcedthat her “sincere wish is that when the time comes, Camila was known as the queen consort and so she continued her loyal service.”

Queen consort CamillaGetty Images

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British royal family

The title of “Queen Consort” was customary in British history for the wife of a sovereign. In the case of the spouses of the reigning monarch, a different practice followed. Usually, they only obtained the title “Prince Consort”, as in the case of Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip, who died last year, or Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert.

According to sources, Buckingham Palace officials are now to analyze past precedents, including the cases of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Alexandra Danish. Both, despite being the wives of reigning kings, were known as queens, although they were technically queen consorts. Some British media, incl. “The Telegraph” and “The Times” have already moved away from using the title of queen consort and call Camila simply the queen.

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