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Great Britain. Rafał Ziemkiewicz detained by border guards at the airport in London

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The columnist Rafał Ziemkiewicz was detained by the British border guards at the airport in London, the website “Do Rzeczy” reported on Saturday. This information was confirmed by the Polish Press Agency at the Polish Embassy in the British capital. According to PAP, employees of the Polish consulate are in contact with Ziemkiewicz and his wife and daughter, who were let through the services.

On Saturday, the website “Do Rzeczy” announced that “Rafał Ziemkiewicz was detained at the Heathrow airport at the border crossing”. “The columnist ‘Do Rzeczy’ landed today in Great Britain, where he accompanied his daughter who was to start her education at Oxford,” we read on the portal’s website.


“The British services let Ziemkiewicz’s wife and daughter pass, but detained him. According to our information, the journalist was arrested. Ziemkiewicz was also deprived of the drugs he had with him” – added.

The portal said the publicist “was to be held at the airport for a few hours, and then taken to an interrogation room, where his fingerprints were taken and photographs were taken.” “The journalist’s wife emphasizes that the services did not provide the reason for the arrest. Ziemkiewicz also received his phone and the documents he had with him” – we read further.

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PAP: employees of the Polish consulate in London are in touch with Ziemkiewicz

Appropriate explanatory activities are underway by Polish consular services, said the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Łukasz Jasina, quoted by the Polish Press Agency. We will inform about the development of events as the situation develops – he assured.

As PAP found out at the Polish embassy in London, employees of the Polish consulate in London are in contact with Ziemkiewicz, who was arrested by the British border guard. PAP reported before 17 of our time that the consul on duty was going to see him.

In an interview with PAP, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland confirmed that it was arrested, but for the time being the cause is being investigated. Consuls are also in contact with the wife and daughter of a journalist, who were let through the border guards.

Main photo source: TVN24

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