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Great Britain. Rapist and murderer Victor Farrant may be released. “My blood is boiling”

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“Our mother was raped, murdered and subjected to months of terror and persecution by this vile creature – where is there sympathy for her,” writes the son of British woman Glenda Hoskins, whose murderer – Victor Farrant – may soon be released. Probation officers are considering the release of a man sentenced to life imprisonment for, among others, murder and rape because he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

British Victor Farrant was sentenced to 12 years in prison for rape in 1988. When he was released early from prison after only a few weeks in prison in November 1995, he brutally beat a woman in her own home in Hampshire. Six weeks later, he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Glenda Hoskins, then 43, by drowning her in her bathtub.

In 1998, Farrant was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Winchester in southern England. – This murder was so terrible, and you are so dangerous, that in your case a sentence of life imprisonment should mean just that. You should never be released, said the judge at the time.

The murderer is to be released

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However, as the family of the murdered Glenda Hoskins revealed, in February they were contacted by probation officers who informed them that they were considering granting Farrant temporary release from prison, the so-called Compassionate dismissal. The reason is that he was diagnosed with cancer at an incurable stage. The man is expected to have a few months to live.

Victor FarrantPA/Forum

The family of the murdered woman strongly opposes this. “Victor Farrant is an extremely dangerous man who hates women,” her son, Iain, writes in a letter quoted by British media. “I'm afraid if he's sick and dying, that makes him even more dangerous. What does he have to lose by killing/raping again when he knows he only has months to live? (…) His early release from prison due to poor health seems grossly unfair and the words – compassionate leave – make my blood boil. Our mother was raped, murdered and subjected to months of terror and persecution by this vile creature – where is the compassion for her “, he continued.

The family adds that Farrant's release would be a “national scandal”, “would cause great concern” and would require police protection of the deceased's friends, because the man had previously committed crimes out of revenge.

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“Sympathy” for the murderer

The family of murdered Glenda Hoskins has already been supported by Conservative MP and leader of the House of Commons, Penny Mordaunt. She sent a letter on this matter to the British Minister of Justice, Alex Chalk, who will make the final decision on Farrant's possible release from prison. “Mr Farrant should never have been fired. He is a danger to women and has proven time and time again that he cannot be reformed. I find it deeply disturbing that a man like Mr Farrant is being considered for compassionate dismissal when he is “it's obvious he showed no compassion for his victims,” ​​she said.

– The murder of Glenda Hoskins was a horrific crime and our thoughts remain with her family and friends – said a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, quoted by the BBC. “Prisoners are only released on compassionate grounds in exceptional circumstances and after a strict risk assessment, and in this case no formal application has yet been made,” he added.

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