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Great Britain. Report – how much did King Charles III earn from land

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King Charles III earned the equivalent of PLN 135 million last year on the land belonging to the ruler of the Duchy of Lancester, according to a published report. The monarch earned a higher private income than his mother ever did. This is causing controversy in the UK, where many people are struggling with the rising cost of living.

On July 14, the annual report was published, which presents the income of the ruler of Great Britain obtained from the title of lands due to him in the Duchy of Lancaster. Now it has been thoroughly analyzed by journalists from the New York Times portal, who pointed out that King Charles III during the last year on inherited from Queen Elizabeth II real estate earned £26.2m (approx. PLN 135m).

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Controversy over King Charles’ higher income

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This is controversial because Great Britain is struggling with the higher cost of living crisis. “While the Duchy of Lancaster has been successful in increasing revenue, we remain fully aware that many businesses and individuals are facing the lasting effects of the pandemic, high inflation and increased energy costs,” we can read in the report, whose authors themselves predicted that its publication would be met with mixed feelings.

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The Messenger points out that, according to the report, rents for apartments on King’s land rose by 3% and in other parts of the UK by an average of 4.8%. Journalists point out that Queen Elizabeth II never managed to achieve such an income as Charles III this year. The New York Times additionally points out that the controversy is caused by the fact that the income of the British ruler from the rental of real estate is not taxable, and most Britons are forced to pay tax on their own farms.

Royal finances are often subject to public and political scrutiny. In June, the Sovereign Grant report showed that overall spending by the royal family increased by 5% last year. Every year.

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