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Great Britain. The aristocrat Constance Marten and her partner were detained. The search for the child is underway

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Constance Marten, 35, from a wealthy family, and her partner Mark Gordon, 48, who was previously convicted of rape, were arrested in Brighton in the south of England on Monday evening, local police said. Their child was with the couple. Now the police are “focusing all efforts” on finding him.

The police have been looking for Constance Marten and Mark Gordon since January 5th. Their car was found on the M61 in Bolton that day. The vehicle was on fire, according to preliminary investigation findings that the cause of the fire was a malfunction. From then on, Marten and Gordon moved around in taxis. They were last seen on January 8 in Newhaven, south, before being arrested on Monday England.

Mark Gordon and Constance MartenMetropolitan Police

With the couple was a baby, who police said had been born a few days earlier, possibly in or next to the car. From the beginning, the services were concerned about the health of the newborn, who had not received medical care since birth and was exposed to freezing temperatures. In an open letter, Marten’s mother appealed to her daughter to make contact with her family and give the child to the doctors. However, she did not receive an answer.

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Brighton. Missing couple arrested

On Monday, February 27, in the evening, the police received information that Marten and Gordon had been spotted on a street in Brighton. This city is located about 270 kilometers from where the car was found and less than 10 kilometers from Newhaven, where the missing persons were previously seen.

The police managed to track down and arrest the couple. In an interview with The Guardian, officers confirmed that a 35-year-old woman and a 13-year-old man were taken into custody on charges of child neglect. They added that it has still not been found. In a statement quoted by the BBC, detective Lewis Basford of the local police said that at the moment “all efforts are focused on the newborn baby”.

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon. Aristocrat and rapist

Marten grew up on a stately estate in Dorset, in a wealthy family with connections to British royal family. As the “Guardian” writes, her grandmother was a playmate of Princess Margaret, and her father – now a film and music producer – Queen Elizabeth II. She herself, when she met Gordon in 2016, was a promising acting student. Her partner previously spent 20 years in prison in USA for rape and battery he committed when he was only 14 years old.

After forming a relationship with Gordon, Marten isolated herself from her family and friends, and has had no contact with them since. After it turned out that the woman was pregnant, the couple left London, where she lived, and began traveling around the country from September 2022, often changing accommodation. According to the portal, they were supposed to sleep in short-term rented rooms and even in a tent. According to the same account, they avoided identification “by covering their faces from CCTV cameras”.

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Main photo source: Metropolitan Police

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