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Great Britain. The body of a British spy in a bag. Police about the lack of new evidence

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Another investigation into the case of a British spy whose body was found in 2010 in a red bag, closed with a padlock from the outside. No new evidence was discovered on the bathtub where the bag was located to suggest that anyone else was in his apartment at the time of his death.

Gareth Williams, 31, worked for the British intelligence service MI6. He was seconded there for three years from Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the government listening center in Cheltenham. His naked body was found in August 2010 in a red sports bag padlocked from the outside. However, the keys were inside, under the spy’s body. Police did not detect any marks on the edge of the bathtub where the bag was located or on the padlock that held it closed. Many conspiracy theories have arisen surrounding Williams’ death – coupled with the nature of the work he did.

Although in 2012 the investigator concluded that Williams was probably murdered, a police investigation showed that everything indicated that he died as a result of an accident. Suspicions that foreign spies were involved in the death were then rejected.

Senior investigating officer Neil John said on Monday that another forensic examination had been commissioned in 2021 and its findings, presented in November last year, did not shed additional light on the case.

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“No new DNA evidence has been found and no further lines of inquiry have been identified,” the British investigator said in a statement.

The body of an intelligence worker in a safe apartment

The body of the 31-year-old was found in the so-called a secure MI6 premises near the intelligence headquarters where Williams lived on business. It was in a state of partial decomposition. The tests did not detect any traces of alcohol, drugs or poison in the man’s body.

Police found make-up, a wig and unworn women’s clothes and shoes worth around £20,000 in Williams’ flat.

Main photo source: Tim Ireland/PA/PAP

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