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Monday, December 4, 2023

Great Britain. The car fell into the river, a married couple with nearly 60 years of experience is dead

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The car Anne and David Spencer were riding in fell into a river in the British county of Kent. The accident killed a married couple of nearly 60 years. “They held hands and left quietly,” the couple’s son, Phil Spencer, a British TV presenter, wrote on social media.

The accident happened on Friday. The car in which Anne and David Spencer and their caretaker were traveling fell off a bridge and into a river in Kent, near the farm where the couple lived. The local fire brigade later said it was called just after noon and had officers on the scene for 90 minutes, the BBC reported on Sunday.

The car fell into the river, a married couple is dead

The couple’s son, TV presenter Phil Spencer, on the same day, announced on Instagram that his parents did not survive the accident. “They were not physically injured and I doubt they even tried to fight. They held hands and left quietly,” he wrote. As he added, his brother tried to save his parents: “My brother (…) had a penknife with him, he managed to cut the seat belts. He pulled them out of the river, but they did not regain consciousness.” As Spencer pointed out, the couple’s guardian survived the accident, who managed to get out of the vehicle through the rear window.

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The presenter wrote that although his parents were “in good shape”, his mother’s Parkinson’s disease and his father’s dementia were “progressing”. “As a family, we all try to hold on to the thought that mom and dad left together and that neither of them will ever have to mourn the loss of the other,” he said, adding that his parents had been married for “nearly 60 years.”

“Animal Lovers”, “Dedicated Parents”

Presenter Kirstie Allsopp, who co-hosts Phil Spencer’s “Location, Location, Location” on Channel 4, sent her condolences via Instagram to the families of the deceased, writing that the Spencers were “farmers, animal lovers” and “dedicated parents” to four children and grandparents of eight grandchildren. “Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers,” she concluded.

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