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Great Britain. The cat was found after 4 years, several hundred kilometers from home

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Four years after the Smyth family gave up hope of finding their cat, they received an unexpected phone call. It turned out that their pet, named Blueberry, was found in another country, several hundred kilometers from home.

On February 6, a man from Moycullen in western Ireland noticed a cat wandering in the street. He noticed that the stray animal was sick, so he took it to a local vet. “He had cat flu,” veterinarian Rachael Russell said. – He was very gentle, but also very friendly – ​​she added.

The cat was found after four years

The cat was microchipped, but a search of the Irish pet database turned up nothing. So veterinarians also checked the Europetnet network, which covers 26 European countries, and this time they achieved surprising success. They discovered that the cat’s name is Blueberry, it is 10 years old and it went missing in November 2019 in Bangor, County Down on the coast of Northern Ireland – another country that is part of the United Kingdom. This meant that he walked over 240 kilometers in over 4 years.

The cat’s owners weren’t expecting a phone call. – We had already accepted that he was gone, but then my mother received a call from someone from the south – says Hannah Smyth, the daughter of the cat’s owner. – They said: We have your Blueberry. She couldn’t believe it. We all thought it was impossible, she admitted, quoted by British media.

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“We have already come to terms with the fact that he is gone”

On February 15, the Guardian reported that the Smyth family had taken delivery of their cat. – We are still in shock. “It’s just brilliant,” Smyth said. – He met us. As soon as the girls brought him in, he started rubbing his head against us, she added.

Libby Porter, who rescues animals and finds new homes for them, emphasized that this story showed how important it is to implant microchips in animals.

Main photo source: Michal Staniewski/Shutterstock

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