Great Britain. The coldest night of the year. Snowfall and frost, canceled and delayed flights, also from Poland


A cold wave is sweeping through the British Isles. Temperatures dipped to -15 degrees Celsius in places last night and snow and ice warnings are in place in many parts of the UK. The inhabitants of the islands are preparing for problems with electricity supply and communication paralysis.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning brought winter weather to the British Isles. In many cities, the temperature dropped below 0 degrees Celsius, and the streets and sidewalks were covered with a thick layer of snow.

Great Britain. Redirected and canceled flights, also from Poland

The snowfall has caused major disruption to airports in southern England. They also apply to connections with Poland. The most difficult situation was in Bristol in south-west England, where the airport was completely closed and many flights were diverted to other cities. Such was the fate of, for example, connections with Katowice and from Krakow, whose passengers landed in Birmingham. Around 11:00 (it was 12:00 in Poland at the time) the airport authorities reported that flights had resumed, but serious delays were still to be expected.

At least 25 flights have been canceled at Britain’s main airport, London Heathrow, and at least four at Gatwick. Most flights are delayed by about 1.5-2 hours. Gatwick authorities said disruption could continue for at least six more hours.

Trains are also being delayed due to snowfall and drivers in southern England have been advised to avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.

A frosty morning in Scotland

While snowfall is causing disruption mainly in southern England, a wave of frost is affecting the whole of the UK. Last night in Kinbrace, Scotland, it was -15.2 degrees Celsius, which is the lowest temperature since the beginning of this year. In the morning it was even colder – thermometers showed -15.4 degrees C.

March snow in the UKENEX/HampWeather

March snow in the UKENEX/malamute and polo

March snow in the UKENEX/malamute and polo

Main photo source: ENEX/HampWeather

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