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Great Britain. The dog almost bit off the owner’s finger. This saved him from having his leg amputated

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A seven-month-old bulldog almost bit off the toe of its owner, a pensioner from the UK. When he checked himself into the hospital, doctors discovered that the man had two arteries in his leg clogged, which threatened to amputate. “He did me a favor,” the bulldog’s owner admitted.

David Lindsay, 64, was about to sleep on the couch at his Cambridge home on April 10 when his wife’s screams woke him up. The woman, local media reported, screamed in horror at the sight of their seven-month-old bulldog biting his owner’s big toe. He bit into the bone, which cracked. But with this, I discovered that my foot was completely numb so I couldn’t feel anything,” a retired construction worker told Wales Online in an interview published on April 19.

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The man is at risk of having his leg amputated

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The wife treated Lindsay’s wound and took him to the hospital. There, he was given intravenous antibiotics to prevent infection and a CT scan of the fractured bone was performed. During the procedure, doctors discovered that the two arteries in the man’s leg were clogged. If the blood supply through these arteries is not restored, Lindsay faces the risk of having his leg amputated.

– You can laugh about it. (The dog) did me a favor by chewing on my toe, the man commented on the study results. He said he hopes to be out of the hospital by the end of the week and intends to keep the unruly bulldog he adopted a year earlier. Meanwhile, doctors are conducting further tests to determine the method of unblocking clogged arteries.

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