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Great Britain. The end of the famous bearskin hats outside Buckingham Palace?

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Animal rights activists want the bearskin caps worn by guardsmen on guard outside Buckingham Palace in London to be made of faux fur. However, the British Ministry of Defense argues that the synthetic caps do not meet the standards. The case went to court.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has presented the UK Ministry of Defense with a faux fur bermycoat to replace the traditional bearskin headgear worn by Guardsmen on guard outside Buckingham Palace. According to PETA, however, the ministry refused to even try out an alternative cap. Representatives of the organization said that the issue was considered “inappropriately”. They have now filed a lawsuit, claiming that the ministry did not follow its own procedures, acted dishonestly and violated procedural expectations, which influenced decisions.

– We ask the court to intervene so that the Ministry of Defense fully assesses the report and makes a new decision through a fair trial. The Department of Defense has long pledged to consider faux fur fabric as an alternative to real fur if found appropriate, said Lorna Hackett, PETA’s legal representative.

Requirements dispute

PETA and the UK Ministry of Defense are arguing over whether faux fur, developed in collaboration with textile manufacturer ECOPEL, meets the requirements for this type of product, Sky News reported. According to the ministry, as many as four out of five fail. It’s about, among others water absorption, drying speed and appearance. In turn, according to PETA, the tests showed that the proposed materials comply with all requirements.

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A guard in a bermy hatShutterstock

PETA has been lobbying to replace bear fur with a synthetic substitute since 2002, accusing the ministry of “supporting black bear culling.” Representatives of the ministry dissociate themselves from the allegations, arguing that the fur comes from legal, licensed hunting, and that abandoning orders would not reduce the number of hunts for these animals.

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