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Great Britain. The state of the British army, the head of the defense committee Tobias Ellwood warns

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High inflation and the cost of replacing equipment sent to Ukraine have made a clear depletion of British military stocks, Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the defense committee in the House of Commons, said. As the Financial Times points out, the health of Britain’s armed forces has recently become a major political issue.

In the event of war, Britain’s armed forces “would hold out for five days,” warned Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the defense committee in the House of Commons, on Friday. An MP from the ruling Conservative Party told the Financial Times that it was high inflation and replacement costs for equipment shipped to Ukraine they paint a “really grim picture” and have left military supplies seriously depleted.

Ellwood pointed out that the ground forces lack surface-to-air missiles and anti-tank missiles, which are among the weapons transferred to Ukraine.

A reduced defense budget

As the “FT” points out, the health of the British armed forces has recently become a major political issue, especially in the context of the fact that the Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt is due to present the budget for the new financial year in March. Therefore, on the one hand, lobbying to increase defense spending is intensifying, and on the other hand, the Ministry of Finance is looking for savings in all ministries.

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British Challenger 2 tankTwitter/Ministry of Defense

Hunt said late last year that both he and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recognized the need for more defense spending, but made it clear that he had to wait for the review of the defense review that was drawn up before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to be completed before making any decisions. Sunak did not declare that he would uphold the commitment of his predecessor Liz Truss, who promised to increase defense spending to 3% by 2030. GDP.

“I am very concerned that news coming out of the finance ministry indicates that we must prepare for further cuts in real terms as inflation rises,” Ellwood said.

British soldiers in Afghanistan (archive photo)Getty Images

Great Britain helps Ukraine

Great Britain So far, the United Kingdom has provided Ukraine with military equipment worth more than £2.3 billion, while the UK Ministry of Defense has received £560 million to replenish depleted stocks.

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