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Great Britain. Third baby abandoned by the same parents

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DNA tests conducted on a newborn found on a London street showed that he was the third child abandoned by the same parents. Their identity remains unknown. All we know is that each time they abandoned the children right after birth – in the same part of the city and in similar circumstances.

After conducting DNA tests on a girl found on a London street in January this year, investigators determined that she was related to two other children abandoned in previous years. Despite the efforts of the London police, the identity of their parents remains unknown. To increase the chances of finding it, the family court in east London gave the BBC special permission to describe the siblings' story.

According to the British public broadcaster, the first abandonment occurred in September 2017, the second took place in January 2019, and the third in January this year. The babies were left right after birth in the same part of London – Plaistow. All of them were wrapped in a blanket before being abandoned, and two were also placed inside a plastic bag.

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Three children abandoned by the same parents

The youngest sibling still had remnants of the umbilical cord when found. According to doctors, the girl could have been born just an hour before a passer-by stumbled upon her while walking her dog. By then she was already very cold. The night she was found was the coldest of the year. However, her general health was described as good.

Currently, the child is in a foster family. Her older sister and brother live in adoptive families. At this point, the children are not aware of their relationship. The family court in east London plans to inform them about it when they grow up. He also wants them to be able to keep in touch with each other – describes the BBC.

As the website notes, child abandonment is currently rampant England extremely rare. The Office for National Statistics, the British equivalent of the Central Statistical Office, collected data on them until 2015. He recorded his last abandonment in 2011. Later, the press reported isolated cases of abandonment.

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