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Great Britain. Who is Keir Starmer – he can become the new prime minister

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Keir Starmer won Wednesday's pre-election television debate with Rishi Sunak – according to a poll conducted immediately afterwards. The prospect of the Labor Party taking power from the Tories after 14 years is becoming more and more likely. Who is her boss?

They will take place on July 4 in Great Britain elections to the House of Commons. On Wednesday evening, Sky News hosted a pre-election debate in which the incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak from the Conservative Party and Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labor Party, clashed. As follows from survey conducted by YouGov right after the event, Starmer was the winner of the debate.

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Keir Starmer rated better by the British

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In Wednesday's debate, both politicians had the opportunity to react to each other's answers. First, they were questioned by a station journalist, and then they answered questions from the audience in the studio. Viewers polled by YouGov were asked to leave their political preferences and rate which of them performed better during the debate. Starmer was chosen by 64% and Sunak by 36%. 58 percent replied that Starmer looked more trustworthy, and 56% said he was more likeable. According to 71 percent of those asked, the leader of the Labor Party understands ordinary people more, while only 13 percent this said about the current Prime Minister. Half of those questioned said Starmer looked more like prime minister material, while only 35% said the same about Sunak. respondents.

Sunak's poor performance in the debate further reduces the chances of his Conservative Party remaining in power. The Labor Party maintains around 20 percentage points in the polls. advantage, which will most likely give it a clear majority of seats.

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Keir Starmer – who is he?

Starmer was born in 1962 and grew up in the town of Oxted, Surrey. His father worked as a locksmith in a factory and his mother was a nurse. A few years ago he admitted that his mother's illness had a major impact on him. The woman was diagnosed with a rare Still's disease, which resulted in, among others: loss of speech and the need to amputate a leg. In an interview with ITV in 2020, he recalled that as a child he “spent long nights in hospital in intensive care” and the experience made him very determined.

Starmer studied law at the University of Leeds and his legal career included: cases from the scope human rights. In 2015, at the age of 52, he was elected to parliament for the first time. He then became Brexit secretary in the shadow cabinet of then party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Starmer became leader of the Labor Party in April 2020.

KeirStarmer. Political plans

On Thursday in Manchester, Starmer announced that his “number one priority” was the well-being of the British people. He promised political and economic stability and assured that “a changed Labor Party has a plan for growth.” – We are pro-business, pro-employee. We are the party of wealth creation, he argued.

Last year, in one of his speeches, he stated that The Conservative Party, which has been in power for 14 years, has put the country on a “path of decline” and therefore the British are on the way to being poorer than the inhabitants of Poland, Hungarian Whether Romania. – Britons are left behind while our European neighbors get richer, both to the east and in countries like France and Germany. This doesn't suit me. I don't feel comfortable with the trajectory that Poland will soon overtake Great Britain. I am also not prepared for the consequences of this failure, Starmer said.

Politico describes that when it comes to foreign policy, Starmer is characterized by “cautious pragmatism” and quite often speaks in line with the line of the current government, although not always. He supports closer relations with the European Union and announces that he will cooperate with whoever wins the November presidential elections in USA. The portal reminds that after the Hamas attack on Israel stated that Israelis have the right to stop electricity and water supplies in the Gaza Strip, and then had to explain himself. He then called for a permanent ceasefire.

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Main photo source: TOLGA AKMEN/EPA/PAP

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