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Great Britain. Woman bitten by dogs – they were supposed to belong to the banned American XL Bully breed

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In the British county of Essex, 68-year-old Esther Martin was bitten by dogs. The tragedy occurred on Saturday when she was visiting her 11-year-old grandson in Jaywick. According to the deceased woman’s daughter, the dogs that attacked her mother belonged to the American XL Bully breed, but police said they were still waiting for confirmation from experts. From February 1, it is prohibited to own dogs of this breed in England and Wales, unless owners obtain a special exemption from this ban.

As reported by the BBC, based on information from the family of the deceased woman, the tragic event took place on Saturday afternoon. Esther Martin, 68, was found with serious wounds in Jaywick, near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. The woman was visiting her 11-year-old grandson there.

The BBC reports that the aggressive animals were euthanized and a 39-year-old man was arrested in connection with the situation. The police claim that the detained man and the woman bitten by the dogs had a family relationship.

Esther Martin’s daughter, Sonia, told the BBC that the dogs that attacked the woman were American XL Bully breeds. However, the police announced that they were still waiting for experts to confirm the breed.

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“There were adult American XL Bully dogs on the property and my mother told the owners that they were dangerous and quite aggressive,” said Sonia Martin, quoted by the British broadcaster’s website. She added that there were also six puppies there.

The woman described the puppies fighting with each other when her mother approached them. That’s when the attack happened. “We would like to thank all the neighbors for coming, helping and trying to save my mother’s life,” she added.

The incident took place in the town of Jaywick in EssexGoogle Maps

Despite the ban, tens of thousands of American XL Bully dogs will avoid being euthanized

From February 1, it is prohibited to own American XL Bully dogs in England and Wales, but tens of thousands of dogs of this breed will avoid being euthanized – either because the owners applied for an exemption from the ban, or because they ignored it.

People who still wanted to own these animals had until January 31st submit an appropriate application and obtain a special certificate. Otherwise, the dog had to be euthanized. Earlier, on December 31, the first stage of new regulations came into force, under which it was prohibited to breed these dogs, sell them, abandon them, give them away and allow them to run unattended.

The British Ministry of the Environment announced that over 35,000 people have applied for exemption from the ban on owning a pet. owners of dogs of this breed, and 150 people applied for the government’s compensation of £200 for having their dog euthanized.

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American Bully XL dogShutterstock

American Bully XL. Another ban

The Scottish authorities announced a similar ban as in England and Wales – there, the sale of dogs of this breed will be banned from February 23, and their possession from July 31. According to data cited by the British media, in 2001-21 there were on average three cases of fatal dog bites per year in Great Britain, while in 2022-23 there were 23 cases, and the American Bully XL breed was responsible for more than half of them.

The American Bully is a breed developed in the 1980s, mainly using the American pit bull terrier. XL is a larger version of the American Bully, weighing up to over 60 kg. This is the fifth breed on the UK’s prohibited list. In addition, the following are prohibited: the American pit bull terrier, the Tosa, the Argentinean dog and the Fila Brasileiro.

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