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Greater Poland Cross, Mikorzyn, Rogoźno. The health department closes the swimming pools

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At the bathing beaches in Krzyż Wielkopolski, Mikorzyn and two in Rogoźno, it is not allowed to enter the water. This decision was made by the health department. Cyanobacteria bloom was found in two cases, and dead fish in two cases.

Four bathing beaches in Wielkopolska have water unsuitable for bathing, announced on Tuesday the spokeswoman of the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Poznań, Wiesława Kostuj. Cyanobacteria bloom was found in two cases, and dead fish in two cases.

The spokeswoman reported that in the district of Czarnków-Trzcianecki, a bloom of blue-green algae was found in the Królewski lake in Krzyż Wielkopolski.

Information about the swimming pool in Krzyż Wielkopolskisk.gis.gov.pl

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For the same reason, the swimming pool in the Wityng Training and Recreation Center in Mikorzyno in the Konin poviat is not suitable for use.

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Dead fish in Rogoźno

In two places in Rogoźno, in the district of Oborniki, the water is unsuitable for bathing – dead fish were found in it. The swimming pool behind the lake and the municipal swimming pool are not suitable for use.

Bathing place behind the lake in RogoźnoRogoźno Municipal Office

Information about swimming pools in Rogoźnosk.gis.gov.pl

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate runs a bathing website with an interactive map and information on the condition of nearly 700 bathing sites throughout the country. The information base is available on the website sk.gis.gov.pl

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Main photo source: Rogoźno Municipal Office

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