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Greater Poland. The vehicle got stuck between the toll gates and the witness came to help. Recording

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A Fiat 126p got stuck between the barriers at a railway crossing in Leszno (Greater Poland Voivodeship). A witness to the incident, Mr. Sebastian, came to the driver's aid. He sent the information and the recording to the editorial office of Kontakt 24. “In a dangerous situation, remember that the barriers can be broken,” railway workers remind us.

With the editors Kontakt 24 on Saturday, Mr. Sebastian, who witnessed a dangerous situation at a railway crossing in Leszno, on Dożynkowa Street, contacted us. – The barriers were closed, one train passed and they opened for a moment, then closed again. A few people passed through, but this gentleman's road closed while he was leaving. He's stuck. The lack of reaction from others was shocking, my nerves were eating away at me, I had to do something. I raised the barrier, but was prepared to break it if necessary. I tried to lift it and at the last moment the car left, said Mr. Sebastian.

Incident at a railway crossing in LesznoContact 24/ Sebastian Ł.

– I helped this man and he drove on as if hypnotized, I think he was in shock – he added.

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“I guess he didn't know what to do”

Mr. Sebastian emphasized that the incident was not the car driver's fault. – We were all standing in front of a closed barrier, the train passed and the barrier opened, so the cars started passing normally. Suddenly, maybe after 20 seconds, the barrier closed again at a time when there was a car at the crossing – he reported. – I don't know if anyone is managing it and how, but it opened up for literally a moment. No one reacted, the driver who was stuck didn't move either, he probably didn't know what to do, he added.

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How to react in such cases?

Kontakt 24 editorial office contacted the press team of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe regarding this matter. Magdalena Janos confirmed that they had received a report about the incident. However, she noted that the lights were working properly and despite the barrier opening, the signal was still on.

– At this point, it is worth reminding drivers that we enter the railway crossing only after the traffic lights, which were also at this railway crossing, turn off, and not when the barrier goes up. Additionally, it is worth noting that at each railway crossing there is a yellow sticker with three numbers: the crossing identification number, the emergency number 112 and the number to which you can report faults and incidents at railway crossings – she noted.

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She added that “in an emergency situation, remember that the barriers can be broken.” – If a situation arises in which we find ourselves between closed barriers and the car is functional, first of all, we start the car, break the barriers, and then call the emergency number or the crossing technical service, providing its identification number. If we find ourselves in a situation where the car is out of order and we are unable to move, first of all we evacuate ourselves and the passengers, leave the vehicle and call the emergency number, because in this way the services can contact the people on duty who will stop train traffic in a given place – she emphasized.

Simulation of a collision between a locomotive and a carMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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