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Greater Poland. Wife of a former police general on the PiS list. “A decision made with my beliefs”

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In district no. 36 in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, Beata Maj, wife of the former police chief Zbigniew Maj, is running from the Law and Justice lists in the Sejm elections. May left his position in February 2016 after two months of service. The reason was the prosecutor’s investigation and arrest by the CBA.

The former commander’s wife is running for the 21st place in constituency number 36, including Kalisz and Leszno. The information available on the website of the National Electoral Commission also shows that he does not belong to a political party.

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Beata Maj is an economist by education. He has been working as the director of the hospital in Krotoszyn for a year. Previously, she was the president of the Kalisz Social Housing Association. She was dismissed from her position in February 2016. It was then that her husband – Zbigniew Maj, then Chief of Police – resigned after two months. The reason was the prosecutor’s investigation and arrest by Central Anticorruption Bureau.

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“A decision dictated by beliefs”

According to Wirtualna Polska, the official reason for Beata Maj’s dismissal was the lack of agreement between the city authorities and the company’s management and the lack of a development vision. However, the person concerned herself had a different opinion on this matter. She spoke openly about the fact that her dismissal was related to her husband’s resignation.

“I enter the house violently, put the whole family, including the minor daughter, on the floor”21/05 | There was a conversation that led to the idea that if I indicated the suggested people, the charges against me would be lighter – said former Chief of Police Zbigniew Maj in “One on One” on TVN24. – It was about one of the ministers of the PO-PSL government – he added.tvn24

Wirtualna Polska asked Beata Maj about her upcoming start elections. She cites good cooperation with Minister Marlena Maląg and Minister Katarzyna Sójka, who, like her, are candidates from the same constituency.

Beata MajTomasz Wojtasik/PAP

“My decision to run is dictated by my beliefs and, above all, very good, substantive cooperation with Minister Marlena Maląg and Minister of Health Katarzyna Sójka. This cooperation, commitment and support resulted in large investments in the area of ​​health in our region,” commented Beata Maj.

Resignation of General Zbigniew Maj

Maj also commented on the issue of her husband’s resignation and whether it was an obstacle to her decision to run for election to the Sejm. “You must not connect my husband’s professional situation at that time with the actions of the entire party. These were the actions of individual people who contributed to the harm my entire family experienced. In every human group, including the party, there will be someone who can be called a ‘black sheep’ ‘ – and the whole should not be assessed through this prism,’ explained Beata Maj.

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In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, she emphasized that the decision to resign was solely her husband’s decision. She pointed out that this was mainly due to people from the CBA. “Through slander, they led to a series of traumatic experiences for my family,” she concluded.

“Someone made a significant mistake in assessing my alleged faults”

Zbigniew Maj said in an interview with Wirtualna Polska that he had no influence on his wife’s views. “Issues of political views are an individual matter for my wife. The fact that she is on the lists PIS proves that someone was significantly mistaken in assessing my alleged faults. Since the proceedings in my case are discontinued due to the lack of features of a crime, it looks like a ‘prosecutor’s goal’ and a ‘shot in the foot’. Will I vote for my wife? I’ll leave it to myself,” said the general.

"I was wiretapped as the Chief of Police"

“I was wiretapped as police chief”21. 05 | – Prosecutors probably know that I was not the instigator of this – former Chief of Police Zbigniew Maj said in the online overtime of the “One on One” program. He referred to the famous press conference from 2016, during which he showed journalists around the headquarters building, showing them, among other things, the contents of the lockers in the conference room. This was supposed to be evidence of the mismanagement of his predecessors.tvn24

Main photo source: Tomasz Wojtasik/PAP

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