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Greece and Türkiye are arguing over marine parks in the Aegean Sea

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“In response to Athens' decision to designate marine parks in the Aegean Sea, Turkey will also designate its parks in the region,” writes the Turkish website Daily Sabah on Thursday. The issue of establishing marine parks is one of the latest examples of tensions between the two countries.

The Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure plans to create two marine parks in the region, said an official who asked not to be named. In April, Greek authorities officially announced the creation of marine parks in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The plan to create a park in the Aegean Sea has irritated the neighboring country Turkey, which accused Athens of trying to use environmental protection for geopolitical purposes. A Turkish diplomatic source said Ankara was not informed about the decision in advance Greece nor did it receive any proposal for consultation or cooperation from it. Turkey was faced with a fait accompli, it was emphasized.

Accusation of “sabotaging the normalization process”

Turkish authorities have stated that they will not allow Greece to create a park on the territory of the Aegean Sea. Greece was called on to abandon plans that would “harm” efforts to improve relations. The Greek plan was considered a step “that sabotages the normalization process.” The Greek Foreign Ministry, in turn, accused Turkey of trying to politicize environmental issues and emphasized that the Greek government would be guided by its sovereign rights. Greece and Türkiye, neighboring and belonging countries FOR THIS, they have been arguing for years, among others: for sovereignty and maritime rights in the Aegean Sea.

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