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Greece. Blackbird. 27-year-old Polish Anastazja is dead. Media: the prime suspect may have taken the body out of the house through the back door

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The main suspect in the murder of a 27-year-old Polish woman on the Greek island of Kos may have taken the woman’s body out of the house through the back door, which is not visible on the camera recordings, the Kathimerini portal reported on Tuesday, citing sources involved in the investigation.

The 32-year-old man suspected of Anastasia’s murder was seen leaving his home in a panic, only to return eleven minutes later. After comparing this time with the map, it was determined that the man could have gone a maximum of 1.5 km, and the woman’s body was found about 1 km from his place of residence, the Kathimerini portal wrote.

People who have been involved in the search for the Polish woman in recent days claim that the body must have been abandoned in the wetlands in the Alykes area on Saturday, the day before it was found. Previously, this place had been unsuccessfully checked several times, also with the use of tracking dogs.

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The man “contradicts himself” in his testimony

Although the Bangladeshi man who was arrested on Friday has still pleaded not guilty, many clues point to him, Greek media wrote. He was charged with kidnapping and a sexual act with a person unable to resist. He was the last person the 27-year-old met before going missing a week ago.

According to the media, the 32-year-old contradicts himself in his testimony.

>> The man questioned about the death of a 27-year-old Polish woman “contradicts himself” <<

In his house – about a kilometer away from the place where the body of the Polish woman wrapped in a bag was abandoned – the victim’s DNA and hair were found. In addition, a closed-circuit camera recorded the suspect entering his home with the victim and then leaving it alone. Kathimerini wrote that there is a back door in the man’s house that does not cover the cameras, and through which he could take the body of the Polish woman.

The second suspect in the case is the 32-year-old roommate of the Bangladeshi man who may have helped the arrested man move the body to where it was found on Sunday.



An autopsy was carried out in Rhodes late on Monday afternoon. The examination confirmed that she had been murdered by strangulation. The fact that the corpse was already in an advanced state of decomposition prevented the doctors from making more precise findings.

On Monday, the police also questioned the girl’s 28-year-old partner twice. However, he is not being treated as a suspect in the case. Police wanted to clarify the relationship between the couple after examining the victim’s phone found on Saturday and the messages she exchanged with her partner.

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