Greece. Fires across the country. Over 40 in one day


On Saturday on the premises Greece since dawn the fire department is struggling with over 40 fires.

– Generally speaking, the prevailing conditions are difficult and dangerous Fire Department spokesman Vasilis Vathrakogiannis said at an emergency press briefing on Saturday.

Greece is facing a difficult fire season after the warmest winter and the earliest heat wave on recordwith temperatures reaching up to 44°C.

Greece. Fires are destroying the “lungs of the country”

The situation was particularly difficult in the Parnitha mountain area – called the “lungs of Athens”. Strong winds and numerous high-voltage pylons – made it difficult to use firefighting aircraft.

– There is no longer an active fire in Parnitha National Park, but the fight is not over yet, although the situation has improved – Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Vasilis Kikilias said in a statement on Saturday evening.

In extinguishing forest fires they help teams from the regions of Thessaly, Epirus and Central Macedonia, as well as volunteer firefighters.

The wind also brought smoke to central Athens. A message was sent via the emergency number 112 to residents of nearby towns to be on alert for evacuation in connection with the fire. One of the 40 fires broke out on Saturday about 20 kilometers away northwest of Athens in the Lakka Katsari area.

The blaze broke out shortly after authorities managed to contain a blaze in the southeastern city of Keratea, which led to the evacuation of two villages. In connection with services are on high alert throughout the country for 24 hours.

Greece. Fire threat throughout the country

The fire danger forecast map issued for Sunday by the Ministry of Civil Protection predicts very high risk fire for Attica, Peloponnese, Crete, the North and South Aegean regions and Central Greece.

Last year after a violent one two-week heat wave devastating fires occurred, killing 20 people. According to the National Observatory in Athens, flames consumed almost 175,000 hectares forests and agricultural land.

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