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Greece. Fires. Dozens of fires broke out. “We are dealing with extreme phenomena”

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A total of 64 fires broke out across Greece in the last 24 hours. Hundreds of firefighters and firefighting planes are fighting the element. A particularly dangerous fire is raging near the port city of Alexandroupolis. The Cypriot authorities are to send their firefighting planes there to help.

A few days ago, a fire broke out near the port city of Alexandroupolis. More than 200 firefighters, supported by 17 firefighting aircraft, battled the blaze on Monday. According to the local fire department, 13 families have been evacuated.

The Cypriot authorities announced that they would send their two firefighting planes to Alexandroupolis.

“We are on standby as we will be tomorrow due to very high temperatures and strong winds,” said Ioannis Artopios, spokesman for the fire brigade. “We are dealing with extreme phenomena,” he added.

Greece is burning

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In the northern Greek coastal city of Kavala, two firefighters were injured trying to contain a fire threatening homes in the village of Dialekto, the fire department said.

The fire also broke out in the small town of Psacha in Euboea. Local authorities ordered evacuations. More than 90 firefighters and five aircraft battled the flames, assisted by French firefighting forces.

A total of 64 fires broke out across Greece in the last 24 hours, according to the fire department.



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