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Greece. In the forecasts 40 degrees and the risk of fires

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Greece is preparing for a very dangerous heatwave. Temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius in places. Local authorities are also preparing for an increased risk of wildfires.

The first heatwave of the year will begin in Greece on Tuesday. Temperatures in many places could exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the National Observatory in Athens said, warning of an increased risk of wildfires.

The heat will stay with the people of Greece for at least four to five days, the weather agency said. The peak of the heat is expected to fall on Friday and Saturday, and in Thessaly and Central Greece and the Peloponnese, the maximum temperature can reach up to 43 degrees Celsius. The temperature on the islands will reach 39 degrees Celsius.

Increased firefighting efforts

In May, the media reported that firefighters from six European countries were to stay in Greece during the holiday season to help fight the fires. A similar event took place last year.

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On Wednesday, 40 firefighters from Romania arrived in Greece, and after two weeks of service, they will be replaced by another group of 40 from another country.

“Fires are a common occurrence in Greece, especially during the hot and dry summer months. The mountainous terrain of the country, combined with dense vegetation and strong winds, creates ideal conditions for the rapid and uncontrolled spread of fires” – reported the “Greek Reporter” portal.

On Thursday and Friday, more than 100 Greek firefighters battled a fire on the island of Euboea that was believed to have been caused by a careless beekeeper. On Saturday, the media also reported on a fire that engulfed the vegetation on Mount Athos.

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