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Greece, Kos. Missing Pole. The body of a young woman has been discovered. Greek media: this is a missing Polish woman

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The body of a woman believed to be a 27-year-old Polish woman was found on the island of Kos in Greece, Greek media reported. The corpse is to be identified by the woman’s partner. Anastazja from Wrocław disappeared on the island in the night from Monday to Tuesday, and a 32-year-old citizen of Bangladesh was detained in this case. According to the media, the body was to be discovered in close proximity to the detainee’s house.

The discovery of the corpse was reported, among others, by the Greek portal protothema.gr. As he writes, the body of a young woman was discovered on Sunday afternoon. They were supposed to be under the tree in a sack covered with branches. The portal added that the body was in close proximity to the house of a 32-year-old Bangladeshi citizen who was detained in the case of the disappearance of a Polish woman.

The police assume – Greek media write – that she is a wanted 27-year-old from Poland. The body is to be identified by the woman’s partner.

Bangladeshi citizen detained

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Anastasia went missing on the night of Monday to Tuesday on the Greek island of Kos. – On Tuesday, June 13, the woman’s parents were called by her partner and reported her missing. The parents informed the Wrocław police, and we confirmed that the Greek officers are actually conducting search activities – said the young asp. Rafał Jarząb from the Wrocław police.

On Sunday, protothema.gr reported that a 32-year-old Bangladeshi citizen was detained in the case, in whose apartment the DNA of the 27-year-old wanted was found. Experts compared the samples secured in his home with those taken from the room where the young Polish woman lived.

A broken trail

Greek media reported that Anastasia worked with her partner in one of the Greek hotels. On Monday, unlike him, she had the day off. She was to spend the evening near the beach in Marmari. Around 10.30 p.m., she was supposed to call the man and say that she had been drinking alcohol and that a friend would drive her home on a motorcycle. However, that did not happen.

Anastasia was then supposed to – according to Greek journalists – send her partner her GPS location asking him to pick it up. The man was supposed to go to the indicated place, but he did not find his partner. The 27-year-old also did not answer the phone. According to local media, the 27-year-old’s phone logged on for the last time soon after – a few kilometers from where she was supposed to wait for her partner.

The trail has since vanished. According to the accounts of witnesses interviewed by Greek journalists, Anastasia bought alcohol in one of the markets in Marmari. Then five men from Bangladesh and Pakistan would join her. With one of them – according to the Greek media – Anastasia was to leave on a motorcycle.

A 32-year-old resident of Bangladesh later alleged that he spent the evening with a Polish woman and then left her at the hotel. According to journalistic reports, the cameras in the indicated place did not record Anastasia. During the search, the officers were to find the 32-year-old a plane ticket to Italy, bought after the disappearance of the Polish woman.

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