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Greece, Kos. The 27-year-old Polish woman is dead. Anastazja’s father on information about the disappearance of his daughter, the work of Polish services

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The father of a 27-year-old Polish woman whose body was found on the Greek island of Kos said in an interview with TVN24 that her daughter’s body was to be transported to Rhodes for an autopsy. He also reported that Anastasia’s mother is in Kos, who is “experiencing it terribly”. The father also said that on Monday he and his son were questioned by the Polish prosecutor’s office.

The body of 27-year-old Anastazja, a Polish woman who worked in one of the hotels there, was found on Sunday on the Greek island of Kos. The woman had gone missing a few days earlier. They were found around 7 p.m. local time, about a kilometer from the 32-year-old’s home Bangladesh previously detained by the police, and 500 meters from the place where the Polish woman’s mobile phone was found on Saturday.

The 27-year-old’s father said in an interview with TVN24 that according to the information he has, his daughter’s body was to be transported to Rhodes, where an autopsy was to take place on Monday. He also reported that Anastasia’s mother was in Kos, who went there on Friday. At that time, the girl was considered missing. The Polish partner of the 27-year-old who worked with her on the island is also on site. As reported by the TVN24 interlocutor, his wife and daughter’s partner talked to the police on Monday evening.

An autopsy carried out on Monday afternoon on the island of Rhodes confirmed that Anastasia was murdered by strangulation, Greek media reported on Monday afternoon. The main suspect is a 32-year-old Bangladeshi man who has been arrested by the police. He was the last person the 27-year-old met before going missing a week ago.

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“They were supposed to meet after his work. She didn’t come.”

The girl’s father said that on the evening of her disappearance, she had an appointment with her boyfriend in a bar. – He worked until 10 pm, she had the day off and they were supposed to meet after his work. She didn’t come to the meeting. Earlier, she sent him a message that she would be there in a few minutes, because some nice boy would give her a ride on a motorcycle, and she did not arrive – he said.

Greek media reported that the woman later sent her GPS location to her partner, asking him to pick it up. The man was supposed to go to the indicated place, but he did not find her there. She wasn’t answering the phone either. According to local media, the 27-year-old’s phone logged on for the last time soon after – a few kilometers from where she was supposed to wait for her partner.

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As Anastasia’s father said, the girl’s boyfriend “reported it to the police.” – He tried to report by phone, they told him to come in the morning. He came in the morning, they wrote down the protocol, but nothing happened – he described.

– The next day they came and took him again to testify. Then they started checking all the monitors. He recognized Anastasia on these monitors and they tracked her, he continued. According to the father, one of the videos shows a young woman “getting on a motorcycle and the license plate of that motorcycle.”

Anastasia’s father: she was very affectionate, devoted

The man was asked about the actions of the Polish services regarding the death of his daughter. Attorney General and Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro informed that ordered an investigation. The case will be handled by the Wrocław district prosecutor’s office.

According to the girl’s father, on Monday people from the prosecutor’s office were at his house. They took statements from him and his son.

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The father also said that Anastasia had been traveling the world for work together with her partner for about eight years. He said they had been a couple for 10 years. “She is his great love,” he added.

She recalls that her daughter was “maybe reckless, but she was very affectionate, devoted.” – Really, for me here, she probably had the most heart – he said. – For me, she always brought a little something, a gift. She was very dedicated,” he added.

He also emphasized that his wife “is experiencing it terribly.” “She loved her very much,” he said.

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