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Greece. Parliamentary elections – communists and the extreme right will sit in parliament

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In the second election in a few weeks in Greece, the victory was won by New Democracy, which has been ruling the country since 2019. Representatives of the far-right Spartans party, as well as members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) will also sit in the next term of parliament. The Spartans received support from the imprisoned founder of an outlawed group described as neo-Nazi.

Kyriakos Micotakis’ New Democracy, which has been in power since 2019, won the election with 40.6 percent of the vote. votes and probably an absolute majority in parliament.

The leader of the winning party, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced on Sunday that he would maintain the course of reforms, thanking the public for a strong mandate to carry them out.

It was followed by the socialist Syriza (17.8%) and the centre-left PASOK (11.9%), the Eurosceptic Greek Solution party (4.4%), the right-wing Victory group (3.7%) and the Course for Freedom party (3.2).

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In the Sunday vote, the electoral law was different than in May, granting the winner additional votes. New Democracy will probably win 158 seats in the 300-seat chamber.

The turnout was 53 percent. More than 9 million Greeks were eligible to vote.

Sunday’s parliamentary elections were the second in just over a month. The leader of the New Democracy from the beginning strove for independent rule. President on Monday morning Greece Katerina Sakielaropulu will entrust Micotakis with the task of forming a government.

The centre-right New Democracy party of Kyriakos Micotakis won the parliamentary elections in GreecePAP/EPA

The result of the KKE is not surprising, because the communists regularly enter the Greek parliament, and support for them is constantly at the level of a few percent. Compared to the elections held a month ago, they even slightly improved their result in Sunday’s vote.

Although the KKE achieved a good result, many Greeks do not believe that the party really represents the poorest. Some recall the story of how a few years ago the communist leader Dimitris Kutsumbas made the Marxist gesture of the raised clenched fist in public, and on his hand was a gold Rolex.

The Spartans got support from a neo-Nazi in prison

The Spartans party, however, was founded only in 2017 and was not visible on the Greek political scene. Her popularity suddenly began to grow when, two weeks before Sunday’s parliamentary elections, the former leader of the neo-Nazi and outlawed Golden Dawn group, Ilias Kasidiaris, gave his support to the Spartans.

“The national voice will once again be present in parliament,” party leader Wassilis Stigas said after the announcement exit poll results on Sunday. – I would like to thank Ilias Kasidiaris. His vital support was the fuel that gave us the momentum to achieve today’s result.”

Parliamentary elections in GreecePAP/EPA/ALEXANDROS VLACHOS

In April, the parliament made a decision on the basis of which the far-right party of Greeks, founded by Kasidiaris, was prevented from running in the May elections. That is why the former spokesman of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn decided to support the Spartans.

Kasidiaris, an MP in 2012-2019, supported the party while in prison. In October 2020, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for leading the criminal organization Golden Dawn, which carried out numerous attacks against migrants and left-wing activists and was banned. During his term as an MP, he became famous for his racist and violent statements, as well as aggressive behavior, including hitting an MP in the face in a television studio.

On Sunday night, Kasidiaris reacted to Spartans’ result from prison with a lengthy Twitter post announcing the “first step towards creating a strong national party.”

After counting almost 100 percent. of the votes cast in Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Greece, the communists won 7.7 percent. votes (which gives 20 seats in the 300-person chamber), and the Spartans party – 4.7 percent. (13 seats).

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