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Greece. Police have arrested two Pakistanis plotting an attack on a Jewish restaurant in Athens

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Greek police said on Tuesday they had arrested two men suspected of belonging to a group plotting an attack on a Jewish restaurant in Athens, Reuters reported.

Greek police arrested two Pakistanis on suspicion of planning attacks on Greece Jewish facilities, Greek security services confirmed. It added that preparations for the attacks were in their final stages, and their aim was to cause mass casualties.

The arrests are part of an operation to dismantle a Greek but foreign-led terrorist network, police said in a statement. It was added that in addition to the police, the Greek intelligence service NIS and an unnamed intelligence service of another country took part in the operation.

Greek police have arrested two people planning to attack a Jewish restaurant in AthensENEX

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The suspects carefully selected a target of high symbolic importance and were completing preparations for the attack, police said. “Their intention was not only to kill innocent citizens, but also to undermine the sense of security in the country, to damage Greek public institutions and foreign relations,” it said.

They scouted the area and searched for accomplices in the attack

The police release did not specify the nationality of those arrested or the nature of their chosen targets. The detainees were Pakistanis who intended to strike Jewish targets located in Greece, the media supplement based on their sources.

The target of the planned attack was a restaurant in the center of Athens. The arrested Pakistanis are 27 and 29 years old, the AFP agency added.

The suspects not only planned the attack and received the final order to carry it out, but they have already scouted the area and searched for possible accomplices, the police said in a statement.

The NIS appears to have started an investigation into the terrorist network after being arrested in 2021 on Cyprus citizens Pakistan in connection with the planning of an attack on Israelis and the arrests of Pakistanis carried out a year later in Turkeywho were accused of planning attacks on Israelis in Istanbul, comments “Kathimerini”.

Main photo source: ENEX

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