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Greece. Such a hot July has not been recorded in Athens for 160 years

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The National Observatory in Athens said the Greek capital had not recorded such a hot July since 1863. The records of the average daily temperature and the average maximum temperature recorded in the afternoon were broken.

This year’s July was the hottest July in the center of Athens since 1863, the Kathimerini portal reported on Friday, citing data from the National Observatory in Athens, one of the oldest Greek scientific institutions.

The average daily temperature was 31.3 degrees Celsius. This is the highest value in the history of measurements of the National Observatory. The second hottest July in the country’s history was recorded in 2012 – then the average daily temperature was 31.1 degrees.

The average maximum temperature, i.e. the highest value recorded in the afternoon, was 37.1 degrees Celsius and also broke the historical record.

The highest temperature recorded during the day in July 2023 was 42.8 degrees Celsius. at night – last month, the highest value reached 30.8 degrees C and did not break the record from August 3, 2021 (31.6 degrees C).

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Extremely hot July in AthensGEORGE VITSARAS/PAP

Impact of climate change

According to data from the meteo.gr portal, in many parts of Greece this July was the warmest July in the last 14 years. In some areas, the maximum values ​​in the period of July 13-27 exceeded seasonal norms by up to 10 degrees C.

“Six billion people, or 80 percent of the world’s population, experienced an especially hot July as climate change affected average daily temperatures,” Kathimerini said, citing a report by Climate Central.

The unusually high temperatures experienced by Greece as a result of the heatwaves made the fire situation worse.

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Main photo source: GEORGE VITSARAS/PAP

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