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Greece. The migrant boat sank. Families are looking for loved ones

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Relatives of people who were on board a migrant boat that sank off the coast of Greece arrive at a camp near Athens where survivors of the tragedy have been transported. They are looking for information about missing relatives. – I’m looking for my brother. I want to see where the boat sank to try to find him,” said the 54-year-old man. A moment earlier, he managed to find his nephew who had survived the tragedy.

Until the accident of a fishing boat that capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the southern coast Greecehappened on Wednesday. Greek government spokesman Ilias Siakantaris said that, according to unconfirmed information, there were 750 people on board the boat.

On Monday, Greek authorities fished out two more bodies from the water, bringing the number of confirmed fatalities to 80.

So far, the authorities have managed to save 104 people who have been transported to a migrant camp in Malakas near Athens. Relatives of those who may have been on board have been gathering here since Friday. Some show photos of missing relatives through the camp gates, hoping someone will recognize them.

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A migrant boat has crashed off the coast of GreeceYANNIS KOLESIDIS/PAP/EPA

They find their loved ones in a migrant camp

One of the people who came to Malakasa is Mohamed El Sajid El-Dadamony Radwan, who came to Greece from German. On Sunday, he managed to find his nephew, Ati Al Said, who had survived the tragedy. Reuters captured the moment when the two men met in the camp and embraced each other with tears in their eyes.

– I’m looking for my brother. I want to see where the boat sank to try and find him,” the 54-year-old said after meeting his 22-year-old nephew.

The man showed a picture of his missing brother on his phone. – I want to look for him because I couldn’t find him [jego nazwiska – red.]neither on the hospital list of those who died, nor among those who survived, Radwan said.

Fadi Hadhouda, a Syrian, also found his younger brother in the Malakas camp. 18-year-old Mohammad is one of the survivors of the tragedy. Fadi told Reuters that their brother-in-law had died in the crash.

Brothers Fadi and Mohammad Hadhouda met in a migrant camp after a shipwreck off the coast of GreeceReuters

Detained in Pakistan

On Sunday Pakistan 10 suspected traffickers who may have been involved in the smuggling of migrants killed in Wednesday’s tragedy were arrested. The authorities promised that those arrested would be “severely punished”. There were many Pakistanis on board the boat.

“They are currently being investigated for their involvement in the whole process,” said Chaudhary Shaukat, a local official in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

“The Prime Minister has issued a firm directive to step up efforts to combat those involved in the heinous crime of human trafficking,” the Pakistani government said in a statement.

Main photo source: Reuters

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