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Green Mountain. A landfill is on fire. Aerial firefighting. Shot from a firefighting plane

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The firefighting operation of the landfill in Przylepa, a district of Zielona Góra, is carried out both from the ground and from the air. Two firefighting planes are helping in the fight against the fire, which is still out of control. We present a recording from the deck of one of them.

Under the Green Mountain there is a fire in the hall where hazardous substances were stored. Dozens of fire brigades are fighting the fire on the spot. There are also two planes at the disposal of firefighters.

The Aeroclub of the Lubuskie Region has released a recording from the deck of one of them – the An-2 aircraft, which is taking part in the firefighting operation. The machine takes over 1000 liters of water with it. At the controls is the pilot Paweł Książkiewicz, who can be seen in the recording.

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A landfill fire in Zielona GóraContact 14/ David

High concentration of air pollution and evacuation of residents

The Mayor of Zielona Góra issued a message in which he informed that “in connection with the fire of a private hall with waste in the village of Przylep, there was a high concentration of air pollution”.

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Then he provided information about the evacuation of the inhabitants of Przylepu.

“Urgent order of the Provincial Crisis Staff. We are starting the evacuation of residents from the village of Przylep. Residents will be transported by buses of the Municipal Communications Department to places designated by the city. Please prepare for the evacuation quickly and take only the most necessary things with you,” the president of Zielona Góra wrote on Twitter in the evening.

“Very dangerous” situation

The situation is very dangerous, the fire in the hall is still developing, we do not have it under control yet, you can see huge clouds of smoke, uncontrolled explosions occur every now and then – informed after 6 pm the press spokesman of the Lubuskie Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service, Senior Capt. MSc. Arkadiusz Kaniak.

The spokesman noted that the puffs of smoke seen near Zielona Góra probably contain dangerous chemical compounds. – Therefore, we ask that residents who are nearby enter the house, close their houses, and if it is possible – do not go outside – he appealed.

He emphasized that there were about 5,000 cubic meters of stored material in the hall. – We are constantly focused on activities in this one building. Every now and then there is an uncontrolled explosion, the fireman said. He added that it is about a very wide spectrum of chemical compounds. “Very different types of waste have been stored here, we cannot say how wide a range of chemical compounds can be found here” – he noted.

Main photo source: Aeroclub of the Lubusz Land

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