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Green Mountain. He backed up and ran into a woman on the sidewalk. The camera recorded everything

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Reversing the car, he did not see the pedestrian. The driver hit the woman, who was taken to the hospital with injuries. As a warning, the Zielona Góra police published a video showing the whole situation.

The incident took place on Thursday at Konstytucji 3 Maja Street in Zielona Góra. – A 53-year-old woman walking on the sidewalk was hit by an Audi driver who, while reversing the vehicle, did not notice the pedestrian – informs sub-inspector Małgorzata Stanisławska, spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Zielona Góra.

The injured woman was taken to the hospital. Police did not say whether the driver was fined for hitting a pedestrian.

He backed up and ran into a woman on the sidewalk. The camera recorded everythingGreen Mountain Police

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Police: A pedestrian on a crosswalk can never be a surprise

The whole situation was recorded by a surveillance camera. The Zielona Góra police published a warning video. – A pedestrian on a crossing can never be a surprise to the driver – this statement should be a priority for every driver. Unfortunately, there are situations when there are accidents involving pedestrians in a place where they should feel safe – on a pedestrian crossing or even on the pavement. Let us remember, however, that nothing exempts unprotected road users, such as pedestrians, from exercising caution – emphasizes Stanisławska.

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On the same day, a few hundred meters away, the driver of a BMW entered a pedestrian crossing, where he hit a 65-year-old passing by. The injured man with a broken nose was taken to the care of medics.

Main photo source: Green Mountain Police

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